Electronic invoicing

All the necessary one so that the independent businessmen and workers use it

Electronic invoicing in Costa Rica

The past 20 of March of the 2018 Ministry of Property published a resolution that it demands to use electronic invoice to all the contributors.

The resolution number DGT-R-012-2018 of the Main directorate of Taxation establishes the obligatory nature for the use of supporting the electronic ones €œto all the forced tributary not yet incorporated to the system€.

As businessman or independent worker, it is very probable that you do not have enough time to form or to understand everything what implies home to use the electronic invoice.

In this article we will list the requirements necessary to begin with this new obligatory process for all.

1. A user in the site of Administraci³n Tributaria Virtual creates (ATV)

In order to create an account of user in the ATV please he follows the following steps:

  • He goes to the URL https://www.hacienda.go.cr/ATV/Seguridad/frmRegistroUsuario.aspx
  • He selects type of identification and digite the number (only natural people).
  • He completes the date of birth of the user (for national physicist and DIMEX).
  • He completes the date of victory of the last document of identification (for national physicist and DIMEX).
  • Lea and accepts conditions of use of the ATV.
  • It completes and it confirms the data of number of cellular, e-mail and password.
  • It accepts message of warning of 10 minutes to confirm Tarjeta Inteligente Virtual (TIV).
  • Lea and keeps or sends the file of the TIV. This card will need it to enter the system again.
  • Digite the three codes of the TIV.
  • It accepts the message of success of the process.

2. Report to Property that is going to use electronic invoicing

Tributary unique registry for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

Once created the account in point 1, please it comes to the following steps to inform to Taxation that is going to use the electronic invoicing:

  • It selects the option of €œtributary unique Registry€
  • Soon it selects €œDeclarations of the tributary unique registry€
  • The form chooses that corresponds to him and comes to complete it

3. Some of the suppliers of electronic invoice available in Costa Rica chooses

Although the Ministry of Property directly offers a system for electronic invoicing that is gratuitous, exist many suppliers deprived for electronic invoice in Costa Rica, can see a list of some here:

Sabio Facturaci³n and ERP are the invoicing supplier that we recommended. The reason is that not only they also give excellent service but Integra to the inventory modules, finances and with all the 14 modules on which they count. In addition Wise it runs in the cloud which gives a saving them of up to thousands of dollars. In addition Wise it is offering the module of electronic invoicing free of charge when they rent 3 modules. To see more details here click.

 If it wishes to use the gratuitous system of ATV can directly unload the manual of use in the page of Property.

4. It generates cryptographic key and certificate of production

Independent of the system of electronic invoicing that it chooses, it must generate the cryptographic key and the certificate of production. For this it must enter the site of Administraci³n Tributaria Virtual (ATV), entering his number of identification and password:

Generation of cryptographic key for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

a. Generation of cryptographic key

It selects in €œProfile of User€ between the types: Tributary Legal or Forced representative.

He gives click in the option €œSupporting Electr³nicos€ that visualizes in the main bar and next it enters €œCryptographic Key of Production€ and soon €œTo generate cryptographic key in production€.

Generation of cryptographic key for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

Then, a box will visualize, in which points 1 and 2 will be due to complete. The PIN that is asked for to generate will more ahead need it in Step 3. Finally, it gives click on the button €œTo generate€ in point 3 and this it will change to €œProcessing€, next point 4 will be qualified, and to continue it gives click in the button €œTo unload€ and soon €œTo accept€. As one is next:

Generation of cryptographic key for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

b. Generation of production password

In order to generate his password, it gives click in the option €œSupporting Electr³nicos€ that appears in the main bar and next it enters €œCryptographic Key of Production€ and soon €œTo generate new password in production€. Finally it gives click in €œAccepting€ in the picture of following dialogue:


Generation of cryptographic key for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

After giving click in €œAccepting€, in the di³logo picture, the system will indicate to him that the password for supporting electronic was generated successfully.

IMPORTANT: Once the system shows the credentials in the screen, it does not return to click on €œAccepting€ since this will revoke the credentials and will generate new.


Generation of cryptographic key for electronic invoice in Costa Rica

Finally, with the cryptographic key and the key of production, it will be able to form them in the system of his election and thus to allow that the electronic invoice is sent automatically to the system of Property once created.


As it could read in this article, there are several factors, some a little technicians, involved with the electronic invoicing. We hope that this guide serves to him so that his business, company or same you begin to invoice of this form.

Need does help forming the electronic invoice in its business or concerning independent businessman?

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