Social networks for companies

5 advice for Instagram that all businessman of SME must know

Social networks for companies - Instagram

We offer these powerful tips to him to use and to take advantage of to the maximum Instagram for its business. We are sure that will be of much utility for posts of their company in so influential social network.

It does not stay myself back as many businessmen without using this powerful social network, and of which he has major growth at global level.

Instagram, immensely popular app to share photos and videos, counts with more than 800 million accounts and 500 million active users. More of 80% of those users they follow a business in app, making it the ideal platform for businessmen who want to reach potentials clients.

In a recent survey it was deduced that as soon as 24% of the businessmen of SMEs includes Instagram as part of their plan of strategy of trade in social networks. Unfortunately the reason of this is that the majority does not know as home. In addition, almost 40% simply do not know as using Instagram.

One does not feel intimidated. Instagram is very easy to use. With so many businesses ignoring this social network, now is the moment for having this competitive advantage and for home to connect itself with clients in Instagram. These advice will help him to begin in this social network.

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1. He creates an account of businesses

After which you create a basic profile of Instagram (or if already she has one), she will want to improve it to an account of Instagram for Businesses. This will give to access to all the functions and characteristics him that the users of personal Instagram do not have. With an account of businesses you can:

  • To add the direction of its business in the profile
  • To cause that their followers put themselves in touch with you easily, with a single touch
  • To accede to the tools of analytical of Instagram
  • To promote its publications with campaigns of announcements

When one is content, probably you will want to maintain his personal photos that she shares with his family and friendly aside from the publications that do for their businesses and share with their clients. He can control up to 5 accounts of Instagram from app, doing it very easy to handle several accounts of business if he has several localities or lines of products.

He can step by step read more about instructions of how creating his account of Instagram for Businesses in the page office.

2. He initiates a conversation

Social networks for companies - a conversation in Instagram initiates

Instagram is fundamentally a visual platform, but also it can use text to connect itself with the users. When it shares a publication, includes a question in the title of the photo, and promotes that their followers respond to him in the section of commentaries. When they publish a commentary, make sure to respond. Turn it into a conversation.

Also it must pay special attention to which their clients are saying about their business in other accounts of Instagram. If they share an image with the location of his business or they label it in a publication, a notification will arrive to him. It goes to the publication of that person and adds a gratefulness commentary.

3. It uses hashtags correct

Social networks for companies - tags in publications of Facebook

Hashtags is words or phrases preceded by the symbol €œ#€. They are used to categorise publications in the social platforms as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To use hashtags correct will help its new followers to find its business. For example, if a potential client touches hashtag #ComidaCasera in a publication of another business, they would see a list of all the publications with that hashtag, including its publication.

The owners of common small companies would have to use hashtags related to their business:

  • Its industry or area, as #Remodelaci³n, #Paisajismo or #ComidaT­pica
  • Its products, as #Muebles, #Piscinas, #Mallas
  • Special characteristics or qualities, as #Garant­a, #Fabricantes, #HechoAMano

Although hashtag can create any that wishes, will not serve as much if others do not know as to use it or they do not look for it. Thus, if it creates hashtag only for his business, make sure to promote it in its website, campaign of mail or to unfold it in its offices or physical stores.

It can read more about the use of hashtags in the page of help of Instagram.

4. It adds his location

Social networks for companies - Location in Instagram

When it shares a photo or video in Instagram, it can tag the image with the location where it was taken. The publications tagged with the location of their company will unfold their name and right direction arrives of the image. The users of Instagram can touch the name of the location and see the following thing:

  • Its location in the map
  • Other photos and videos in which it has been tagged along with the information of the business
  • Photos and videos that their clients have tagged along with the information of their business
It is very easy to add information of location to publications. Search the option €œTo add location€ when he is ready to share a new photo or video. A list of suggested locations will appear to him. If its business is listed, be called on it to add it to the image. If its company does not appear automatically, it is called on €œSearch€ or €œTo add location€ for a more extensive list of suggested locations.

5. It counts his history

Histories of Instagram are a functionality that allows the users to create presentations using photos, video, text and graphs. Histories unfold in the part superior of the wall of the user, a prominent place to obtain the attention of their followers.

Each history disappears after 24 hours, doing it a good place to unfold visual content that is immediate and temporary, as for example:

  • Tours behind scene of its business
  • Presentations of new members of the equipment
  • Demonstrations of new products or services
  • The sensible news to the time, as for example an opening, an event or a promotion

In order to create a history, it is called on to the button €œHis History€ located in the left part superior of his main screen of Instagram. Of it can here record a video, or slide downwards to select recent photos. It can add text, draw upon his photos or videos with the provided tool, or add stickers graphical funny.

A great advantage with histories, unlike regular publications, is that you can see how many people saw their history with their names, so she knows how many to people and to those who is reaching with Instagram.

Instagram can be a tool of trade of much value for small and medium businesses, and is growing in popularity daily. Make sure not remaining back. When following these advice, can begin today, visually count the history of their business and of home to form a relation with their clients.

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