Google AdWords

Why does my company SME need Google Adwords?

Google AdWords

The digital trade and Google AdWords go of the hand.

When a potential client is looking for a product, service, promotion or any thing anywhere of the world, a great probability that exists they are going it search in Google. A client can be looking for his product or service, and Google Adwords can help him to be found.

For the small and medium businesses, this tool can be a highly successful method to take traffic to its website, to trade its product and finally to increase to the sales or conversions

It works to announce in Google?

Yes! It can see these cases of success of present clients.


Ebanister­a Sarchise±a

€¢ Increase of conversions in 300%

Torres Montem¡rmol

€¢ Return of investment obtained in first month of 2500%
€¢ Increase of generation of prospectuses in 300%

Now that knows that yes it works to use this powerful tool, we presented 12 reasons by which its business can benefit with Google Adwords, and tips to him to obtain the best yield of its budget. By all means that always we can help him, so that you dedicate yourself to his business, and allows that we, specialistic in announcements in Google, help to take traffic him to their business. It can read more about this service in our page of digital trade and the page of optimization of rate of conversion.

1. Google Adwords allows him to arrive at its client when they need his product or service, without mattering if its site is positioned or no

It does not concern the size of the company, all want to appear and to be found on the front page of results of Google. The one that sees their product, service, supplies or location is trade with intention, trade based on the intention of which somebody finds it, and could be very profitable for its business.

Positioning itself in the first 10 results search of Google is a monumental task, and although it is not impossible, it can take long time, work and investment to obtain it. In addition, it will be competing with all the other companies that are appearing already in that privileged page, with experts in SEO working constantly improving his presence before the colossus of searches in Internet. Although in Esliteratura we can help him with this work with our service of digital marketing, always will take time us.

That is indeed the advantage of Google Adwords, its company will be able to compete at the same level of the best companies at world-wide level in its area. It can cause indeed that their message is seen by their market, when are looking for by his service or product.


Results of Google Adwords de Tecnimallas
Example of announcement of Google AdWords of our Tecnimallas client

2. Google Adwords allows him to arrive reliably at its local client

AdWords gives powerful options him of location. If its company is a local business (as a restaurant, spa, a store), a regional company or a site of electronic commerce, you can settle down the zone of his market puts so that the clients see it who you need that they see it. Thus he is not going to waste his budget in visitors who are outside their area.

With Google AdWords it is very easy to select countries, regions within a country and until a radius with established distance of his business. Also he can exclude locations that are not of their market puts.

Also he can establish his market puts by demographic data, as familiar level of income. If it is selling some article of luxury can focus in certain family income.


3. Google Adwords allows to show its direction him of the visitors

When using Google My Business in combination with Google Adwords, can show a map of the exact location of its office or lies down physical, additionally to the announcement.

It enters easier makes his clients find it them, more probability has visit it.

Example of Google My Business
Example of Google My Business of our client Corporation MERU

4. Google Adwords allows to show its information him of contact

The extensions of the announcements allow him to businesses as his of improving their announcements of Google Adwords with phone numbers, direction, I connect special of unloading, reviews, among others. They appear right under the description of the announcement. 

When including more information of contact in its announcements facilitates its potential clients to him who put themselves in touch.

In the example that we showed down, it is possible to be seen as we put two I connect to specific pages within the site of the client, in addition to directly showing the phone number in the announcement.

Important Tip: if it is going to translate his announcements, make sure that the page to which the announcement also goes is in the language of the announcement. A page that appears in an announcement of Google AdWords must be optimized to where it is possible. In Esliteratura we helped him with this optimization of rate of conversion so that its page generates conversions and the visits are not lost that cost money to him to their company.

Example of announcement of Google Adwords
Example of contact information and I connect customized in announcement of our Tecnimallas client

5. Google Adwords allows him to focus in very specific searches

Google AdWords is known by the words and phrases nail. In Esliteratura we can help him with the study of key words and form them in the announcements of his company.

It enters more specific are his words and phrases key, better positioned will be his announcements in Google. In addition, it will be able to reach to a much greater number of clients than they need what you offer.

Although you can use Google AdWords directly, is an arduous process and that implies much study and constant revision of words and phrases nails, not to affect with the performance and the possible waste of its budget. Allow us in Esliteratura, specialists in hearing study and study of key words, to help him with this task so that you concentrate yourself in his business.

This tool that provides AdWords is an opportunity so that it thinks as his client, is put in its shoes and finds the form in that their clients can look for their product or service.

Illustrative example of unfolding of announcements of Google Adwords
Positioning of the announcements of Google AdWords in the results search of Google

6. Google Adwords allows him to follow its clients with campaigns of retargeting


We are sure that already have seen it. It visits a site, it remains at by some the moments, and soon one goes away. But soon it sees announcements of that company in other pages that show announcements. This is known as retargeting.

With Google AdWords campaigns of this type can be formed. In Esliteratura we are specialistic in campaigns of this type to help to increase the traffic towards its website, with the estimated minimum possible.

Once their visitors go away of their website, you could point his announcements to follow it in all the networks of announcements that Google makes its available, or including in the finder.

Retargeting in Google Adwords
The announcements in the campaigns of retargeting appear in websites of the network of advertisers of Google once the client has visited his website

7. Google Adwords allows him to arrive at its clients in mobiles from where they are


His client can be right outside his business when she is looking for his products or services.

Google AdWords provides a great amount with options of optimization for mobile. For example, if its company is a local business, their clients will look for their product when they are close and they will be able to see announcements optimized for movable devices. The idea is that the client arrives at his door.

Announcement in movable device of Google Adwords
Example of announcement of Google AdWords shown in movable device

8. Google Adwords allows him to choose and to optimize where its announcement is seen

Google has a great amount of associate for announcements. More likely hundreds of pages that you have visited are associated of Google to unfold announcements. They comprise than Network is known as Google Display.

This allows him to unfold the announcements of its company in popular niches, in which their clients are visitors.

It can track the results of each niche and inclusively of excluding sites that have a low performance and are affecting in the cost of his budget.

We suggest if they are home with Google AdWords, uses all the channels that Google provides initially. Soon it can measure as they generate better rate of click and as no, and to exclude or to give priority to sites that are to him better.

It remembers that always we can help him with all this work of publicity, so that you dedicate yourself at the most important for his company: Core business.

9. Google Adwords allows him to measure the results

Google AdWords provides a great amount to him with tools to track and to measure all campaigns in a Control Panel.

It can establish and track objectives, for example:

  • Return of investment (ROI)
  • Traffic towards its website
  • Appreciation of the brand
  • Sales and conversions
Within the groups of announcements in Google AdWords you can also see metric interesting:
  • Which key words have the best performance
  • Which titles obtain the best rate of click
  • The schedule in which their announcements have better performance
  • And many metric ones more€¦

Also we recommended to connect its account of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, to be able to measure the traffic by announcements.

It can generate as complicated reports as it needs it. We recommend to only leave to the fundamental information, so that pass all day not reviewing data. In Esliteratura we helped him to form all the mentioned one above. Put yourself in touch with us and with taste we helped him.

Reports of Google Adwords
Vista of panel of information of Google AdWords

10. Google Adwords allows him to control its budget

If its company is a small and local business, probably it can be familiarized with the methods of conventional publicity. If it knows them, it already knows that a quota is pleased fixes so that its announcement appears. Also surely he is customary to sign a contract by a period of certain time and a fixed amount.

With Google AdWords, you are the one that decides its budget of each announcement that unfolds, and can change when it needs it.

If its announcement is not working well and wants to increase the results, it can modify his budget. Also if he is working well but rather he wants that he still has a better performance.

Simply you are the one that has the control.

Important note: its daily cost is based on a monthly average, is not scared if the cost varies day with day.

We recommend to begin with a low budget, of about $5 (dollars) daily ones. Once the announcement is live, it can measure the results and of comparing them with other similar announcements to measure if its performance is the optimal one.

It remembers that all these services we provide them in Esliteratura, can read more in our page of digital trade.

Budget of campaigns of publicity in Google Adwords
Vista of interface of campaigns and budget in Google AdWords

11. Google Adwords allows him to run multiple campaigns for its different needs from trade

A powerful function of Google AdWords is that it can execute multiple campaigns for different objectives from trade.

For example, you can have a business of planning of events, and wants to promote different events as planning from weddings, corporative events, among others.

With Google AdWords he can create a campaign for each one of the services, each with his different words and phrases he nails.

Also he can compare which of the campaigns has better performance, or experiment with variations.

This is a complex work and can get to take much from its time. Allow us in Esliteratura, specialists in Google Ads, to help him to optimize his campaigns to the maximum with our service of digital marketing.

12. Google Adwords allows him to improve its results continuously

Unlike any publicity that is not realising in line, with Google AdWords it can monitor all the aspects of his advertising campaigns and be able to get to have the true return of investment. It is possible to make adjustments constantly and to be able to possibly measure the improvement in the results and in the sales of its company.


Google AdWords is one of the improvements forms to approach its prospectus client, to obtain traffic for its website, and finally to increase the sales.

It does not have sense to begin a trade strategy, if it only knows what it is doing. To be educated is key. We hope that this guide has helped a little him to guide itself in knowing what it is possible to realise with Google AdWords.

In Esliteratura we can help to the process, study of hearing, study of key words and digital trade yet him, so that it does not have to worry if it is realising the campaign correctly or no.

Continuous improvement with Google Adwords

What is hoping to begin their campaign of Google Ads?