Study of Phrases Nails

Study of key words for SEO

To understand as searches in Google they have volume and they can become sales would have to be the center of the strategy of SEO of its company, as well as of the design and development of its website. If its site is designed to increase traffic and to turn visitors, more powerful tool of trade can get to be his.

The investigation of phrases nails help to align the content of its pages with the subjects SEO that the people are looking for. Once it knows what their visitors want, she can create content Web who really will enjoy.


Percentage of the traffic Web that is originated of organic searches.

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He formulates a plan of the pages of his site

With the study of phrases he nails makes sure that their content is excellent to their visitors.

The people are looking for products and services that you offer at this moment. They will find his website or they will end up visiting one of the competition?

She creates her content around phrases nails strategically chosen to appear in more results search and of reaching a greater amount of people.


She constructs a map of the site around subjects nails

The phrases nail help to define the structure of their content.

Sitemap is the pillar of all their website. He is what defines the pages that are needed and the route that the visitor will take to arrive at them.

Assigning specific subjects to each page one will make sure that the visitors will find exactly what they are looking for in his site.

€œContracting Esliteratura it made us happen of hair nets to visible in the Web, our page invigorated and incorporated very valuable tools of trade. We obtained a traffic that never we imagined. And the service and pursuit to the account ..... than more excellent.€
Roberto Vasquez de Meru Corp. Costa Rica a happy client.
Roberto V¡squez
Gerente General
Corporation MERU

It defines the subjects of content for each page

It dedicates a single subject to a single page, to assure a experience highly focused

Each website in the Internet is waiting for visitors and the Web is full of them. For some websites that delay can be too long.

It maintains his site easy to find indicating his relevance with very specific subjects.

It appears in more searches and it attracts more visitors

It uses phrases nails to hook the people who are looking for their content.

Its site must contain excellent pages, becoming thus a magnet for its new visits. It aligns the pages to the phrases it nails and it structures his content to create confidence.

Soon it guides his visitors through specific calls of action and thus to help to generate new prospectuses.


Already it knows clearly the phrases nails of its business?