Development Web

Development Web

Our equipment of developer will transform the designs into rich websites in content and interactive, easy to use for the visitors and easy to maintain for the clients.

We are expert in management systems of contents, integrations front-end and integrations custom-made. We will focus in the technology so that you can focus in letting grow his business.


Percentage of fast websites that we developed in Esliteratura

We work with great companies and awarded clients

Some cases of development success Web

€œWe have been a full successful with the Esliteratura company, from the first day that we began to work we saw an increase in sales and generation of prospectuses and quotes from the social webpage and networks, spending 4 times less in publicity than we invested before. I feel very happy of to have made the decision to work with them and my expectations have been fulfilled to more of the 100%. Now we have projects of all the sizes, in the different services that we offer. Very we are thankful for by all the advice and works that have realised for our company.€
Satisfied client Rodny Araya de Tecnimallas Costa Rica
Rodny Araya
Gerente General
Tecnimallas Costa Rica

Development in WordPress

More of 30% of the Web it runs in WordPress

WordPress is the system administrator of contents par excellence. We use by million in Internet, owns a very active community of development and support.

One does not risk to that they develop its webpage in systems little used or unknown. Engage us for the development of its webpage, in Esliteratura we are specialistic.

Speed of load

In a study realised by the prestigious Akamai company, the people hope that a website loaded in maximum 2 seconds.

If they have passed 3 second and the site has not loaded, it is very probable that the visitor goes away, probably to the site of the competition. 64% of the visitors who are not satisfied with the quality of their website or the speed are going to make their business to another side.

In Esliteratura we were in charge of which their website is quick. This implies a great number of variables: it breaks, CDN, number of requests HTTP, optimization of images and archives generally, among others. Let worry us to us about the technical aspects so that you can take care of his business.


Development HTML and AngularJS

In addition to being specialistic in WordPress we can develop his website in HTML or with frameworks as AngularJS.

It depends on the needs of each client, can be that it does not need a site developed in WordPress, for different reasons:

€¢ Merely informative site
€¢ Site with static information, is not going to change much
€¢ Site with special needs of connection to some present system of the company

Whatever the reason, in Esliteratura we can help to develop his website him in HTML or systems as AngularJS.

€œInhaus is 10 years old to work in the national market of real estate in Costa Rica. The first three years were only bad experiences with technology companies and since we worked with Ing. Arg¼ello de Esliteratura in these last 7 years, they have been only good experiences. It is pleasant to work with so honest and professional people.€
Satisfied client Cristian Zº±iga de Inhaus Real estate
Cristian Zº±iga
Gerente General
Inhaus Real estate

Some websites developer in other technologies

Development of Web apps

In Esliteratura also we can develop apps based on Web.

At present we see Web apps in all the branches: systems of mail in line, electronic invoicing, systems of inventories, and many more.

In Esliteratura we can help to custom-made develop to the application Web that its business requires. We develop using PHP or C#, following the requirements of the client and the project.

€œWith the support of the company we have consolidated our projects of innovation and we have taken them outside our borders.€
Satisfied client Rodolfo Castillo de Baxter Medical
Rodolfo Castillo
IT Mr. System Analyst
Baxter Medical

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