Optimization of Rate of Conversion

Optimization of rate of conversion

A website must act 2 as: to attract visitors and to urge the visitor to take some action. Those factors of success are moderate with two values: traffic and rate of conversion.

The optimization of rate of conversion (CRO by its abbreviations in English) is to increase the second value, the rate of conversion.


Percentage of businesses at world-wide level that are satisfied with the rate of conversion of their website.

* Source: Econsultancy

Clear and concise communication in each page

It would have to only take a second so that the visitors understand what its business offers and why it is important for them.

The visual holders and elements indicate their value, or they do not do it. It analyzes his present website and asks myself, sufficiently are clear and explicit the benefits to work with their company?

We helped him to cause that its website communicates of instantaneous form, gaining the first fraction of second e inviting to the visitor to remain.


€œIn Torres Montemarmol we were very satisfied with the services of the company, mainly because our investment in the consultant's offices and webpage of our project, is reflected in leads and what it is more important, in a significant growth in sales.€
Geovanny Rodr­guez de Torres Montem¡rmol
Geovanny Rodriguez
Gerente de Sales
Torres Montem¡rmol

Answering the most important questions

Deletion mark to the visitors the information who need so that they make informed decisions.

It must know clearly the three pieces of information nails that its hearing before needs to make the decision to buy.

It reduces to the distractions limiting the nonnecessary information in the webpage. To understand what their users walk looking for will facilitate to him to provide excellent content.

€œContracting Esliteratura it made us happen of hair nets to visible in the Web, our page invigorated and incorporated very valuable tools of trade. We obtained a traffic that never we imagined. And the service and pursuit to the account ..... than more excellent.€
Roberto Vasquez de Meru Corp. Costa Rica a happy client.
Roberto V¡squez
Gerente General
Corporation MERU

Causing that the visitors want to turn

The conversion is not more than successful psychology.

We helped him to arrive to him at its visitors at an emotional level. We develop an emergency sense in the users of its website. When having that emergency sense is when the conversion happens.

It does not give the opportunity him to the visitors to relax. He is specific in his content and its expectations. It guides his users in clear route towards the call to action (CTA by its abbreviations in English).

Soon deletion marks a reason to give click.


Which is the performance of its present website?