Development of Apps

Development of apps

With a portfolio of apps chosen by Apple as of the best ones in its category, and apps in iPads demo of the stores of Apple around the world, we are the indicated company to develop app for its business.

We can develop his app in iOS or Android, with native programming language in each of them to always assure 100% compatibility with the last new features of each system.

5+ million

Number of unloadings of apps realised by our equipment from the homes of the stores Apple Store and Google Play.


Exclusive exhibition for its products and services

With more than 200 trillions of unloadings of apps per year, and one hearing in growth of more than 150 million users, having app for its business could be the element differentiator and a unique competitive advantage in the market.

€œWith the support of the company we have consolidated our projects of innovation and we have taken them outside our borders.€
Satisfied client Rodolfo Castillo de Baxter Medical
Rodolfo Castillo
IT Mr. System Analyst
Baxter Medical

Apps successful developed by us

€œThe relation of Spoken Translation with this company began from year 2003, so they are between our associates of more time and more confidence. My colleagues and I have found their ready extremely professional work party and for any work, extremely honorable, helpful, and direct and clean in their agreements. Also we have enjoyed his hospitality during visits from businesses and personal to Costa Rica. Its capacity is ample: from experticia in text translation, linguistic software engineering and. The design of his apps for movable devices is impressive. I am enough certainly cannot have one better option of where to choose a better partner to participate in a variety of projects.€
Photo of Mark Seligman of Spoken Translation to another satisfied client
Mark Seligman
CEO and Founder
Spoken Translation
California, the USA

Unique functions

With app unique functionality can be implemented. Many functions are unique of the movable devices and they are not available in the platform Web.

Although app is not for any company or business, can be an element unique differentiator of its product or service. If he sees application the use of technologies as increased reality, use of data offline, notifications push to maintain its clients aware the new features of its business, fort use of the camera or requires learning of artificial intelligence, then you need app. And we can help to develop all ideas him.

€œEsliteratura has been a valuable partner by several years. They are very competent, reliable and a pleasure to work with them.€
Happy client Stephen Strichart from How To Study
Stephen S. Strichart, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder
Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources and
New York, the USA

It needs app for his business?