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€œWe have been a full successful with the Esliteratura company, from the first day that we began to work we saw an increase in sales and generation of prospectuses and quotes from the social webpage and networks, spending 4 times less in publicity than we invested before. I feel very happy of to have made the decision to work with them and my expectations have been fulfilled to more of the 100%. Now we have projects of all the sizes, in the different services that we offer. Very we are thankful for by all the advice and works that have realised for our company.€
Satisfied client Rodny Araya de Tecnimallas Costa Rica
Rodny Araya
Gerente General
Tecnimallas Costa Rica

Optimization of web search engines

A website must act 2 as: to attract visitors and to urge the visitor to take some action. Those factors of success are moderate with two values: traffic and rate of conversion.

The optimization of web search engines (SEO by its abbreviations in English) is to increase that first value, the traffic.


Percentage of people whom they look for in Internet which they give click in the first 3 pages of the results search.

Pages developed by us with excellent SEO

Investigation of phrases nails

To know the question that people are asking is half of the battle. The other half is to answer them.

Each of our projects begins with a deep analysis of topics and phrases nail excellent in which its content must focus. We will help to understand him why those phrases are important and we will guide it with simple techniques to be gaining each of them.

The investigation of phrases nails is in the nucleus of all the sites that Esliteratura develops.


Their pages will surpass to the competition

We have the data to try that we have obtained this with several of our clients who decided to work of the hand with us with the service of digital trade and SEO.

We will make a competitive analysis of the phrases nails that it is using his competition. Soon we will compare that list with the questions that people are doing.

Finally we will establish a strategy so that the clients decide to go to the site of their company instead of the sites of the competition.

Friendly site with finders

Extreme experience of user

Esliteratura develops sites that are positioned well in the finders of Internet. We obtained it making intuitive maps of site that respond the most usual questions before taking to the visitors to their website. Soon we establish routes that guide the visitors through excellent pages. The objective is to simplify navigation and to lift important content.

In addition our equipment will discover its pages with better ranking and it will migrate them to the new website. Soon we will make editions, once the pages are live, to make sure that they always follow with good positioning.



Technical SEO

The basic elements that cause that its website works

The optimization of web search engines is than key words only more in a webpage. Also it includes the structure of the data in his site.

Does Its present website use schema.org so that seeking as Google understands well their structure and content? What is about the archives sitemap.xml and robots.txt?

Everything from the speed with which they load the pages of his website until the structure of the content is part of the SEO.


€œExcellent attention from the home, advised to me precise form the project and slopes of the development of the same stay to optimize it. Very satisfied with the end item.€
Luis Zamora to satisfied client of Ebanister­a Sarchise±a
Esteban Zamora

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