Revision of Analytical

Revision of analytical

The websites have the potential major of being successful when they measure his performance and they base the important decisions on the behavior of his visitors.

In Esliteratura we can advise it in the different forms to optimize his site, turning visitors into clients. It learns as to increase his positioning and traffic it puts with a revision of analytical.


Percentage from websites at global level that use Google Analytics

Source: W3Techs

Confirming a correct installation of the basic tools

Installed and integrated: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Search Console.

First it is to confirm if their tools are formed correctly, including effective integration with the reports of AdWords (if outside the case). The data within Google Analytics would have to be most exact possible.

Then, we will establish goals and tunnels based on the objectives of its business. Finally, we will filter same (also to robots and spiders) of the traffic reports. We want clean and exact data mainly.

€œWith Esliteratura we have managed to harness the reach enormously and digital development of our services of communication and design reason why has become a key trading partner for us.€
Mario Solorzano to happy client from RUBIC HUB
Mario Sol³rzano
Director and Co-founder
Rubic-Hub Strategies

Continuous reports and automatization

One does not worry, with time becomes simpler.

Taking time in forming the analysis tools. Once they are formed, the data arrive at you. We have many tools found that can show the data in a variety of formats:

  • Consoles made to measure for its traffic and objectives
  • Reports by email generated automatically and periodically
  • Events of intelligence that notify to him when there are tips or falls in the data

Conversion and traffic analysis

The basic thing of the analysis.

Google Analytics is designed for the traffic analysis and conversions. Within his console it will be able to see basic of the funnel and our attention the hearing, acquisitions, behavior and conversion.

We will document what is working and the areas well that need optimization. We will examine sources of traffic, reports of acquisition more, pages and routes used, reports of behavior, completed rate of conversion and objectives.

Soon we will make a deeper analysis of the data to understand as they are the visitors who will not become jumbled with their site. We will analyze rates of exit and together we will be able to learn which pages are less useful for conversions so that it can begin to implement improvements and to see immediate results.

What knows their visitors so well?