€¢ Corrections of website responsive

€¢ Diminution of speed of load in a 500% is obtained

€¢ Generation of prospectuses and clients by the website

€¢ Implementation of campaigns of publicity by email

€¢ Years to be in the Web, in Esliteratura we obtained that finally they are visible

Case of success

Corporation MERU


Client from 2017

MERU is a Costa Rican company with experience in the product commercialization of packing and embajale.

They offer the following products:

€¢ Plastic to palletize
€¢ Sticky tapes
€¢ Poliofelina
€¢ Cardboard boxes
€¢ Iron straps
€¢ Graphical design of product packings


€œContracting Esliteratura it made us happen of hair nets to visible in the Web, our page invigorated and incorporated very valuable tools of trade. We obtained a traffic that never we imagined. And the service and pursuit to the account ..... than more excellent.€
Roberto Vasquez de Meru Corp. Costa Rica a happy client.
Roberto V¡squez
Gerente General
Corporation MERU

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