€¢ Redesign of website responsive

€¢ Ordering of all the work inventory

€¢ System for control of clients and shipment of automated information

€¢ Physical visits to the gallery through Waze and Google My Business

Case of success

Valanti gallery


Client from 2015

The Valanti Gallery was inaugurated in 1974 with a exhibition of the artist Rafael Fern¡ndez, and initiated its workings as gallery only promoting Costa Rican artists, during 10 years.

As of 1984, artists of all Latin America got up themselves and that has been the trajectory that has followed the gallery to date.

In 1980, it was begun has to give classes of art with the best artists of Costa Rica as professors, between these: Gonzalo Morales, Rafa Fern¡ndez, Margarita Bertheau, Francisco Amighetti, etc. and began to take to the Costa Rican artists to the fairs of art of Miami, Colombia and Venezuela, among others.

From 1995, the Valanti Gallery organizes an Annual Seminary of Latin American Art with the Dra. B©lgica Rodr­guez, writer, critic of art and ex--president of the Association the International of Critics of Art - AICA-


€œThe experience of to have worked with Esliteratura in the development and implementation of the website, has been very positive and satisfactory, since with to them to have only transmitted our needs and along with the suggestions of them, we have gotten to create an integral solution of way like we handled our inventory and until we generated pdf for our clients with the back-end of the application. From this development we have been able to get to control much in the same website of our work movement.€
Satisfied client Francisco Castro de Galer­a Valanti
Francisco Castro

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