Our Clients

Our clients

We have worked with great and small clients, having cases of success without concerning the size of the company.

With the Apple company, the greatest company of the world, we have an excellent relation with the division of Latin America with our company also founded by the founders of Esliteratura, Word Magic Software. With Samsung we have made development of applications, through Word Magic also, directly with the company in Korea.

In addition, several of our clients of hotel profession have been selected by National Geographic as the best hotels of the world, which turns them into hotels of first level at world-wide level.


Percentage obtained in sales of hotel through website by organic results in Google. It can see the portfolio of our cases of success to read details of profits of clients with us.


€œWith the support of the company we have consolidated our projects of innovation and we have taken them outside our borders.€
Satisfied client Rodolfo Castillo de Baxter Medical
Rodolfo Castillo
IT Mr. System Analyst
Baxter Medical

It is part of our portfolio of faithful clients