€¢ Return of investment (ROI) of 2500% obtained the first month

€¢ Increase of generation of prospectuses in a 300%

€¢ Sale of apartment of top of line in the first week

Case of success

Torres Montem¡rmol


Client from 2017

Torres Montem¡rmol is a residential project that consists of two modern buildings that are characterized by their design, finished and excellent location.

Thought about offering to its inhabitants one better quality of life. Each apartment offers efficient distributions that maximize the space, wonderful views of the city or the mountain, ample finished balconies and of luxury. 


€œIn Torres Montemarmol we were very satisfied with the services of the company, mainly because our investment in the consultant's offices and webpage of our project, is reflected in leads and what it is more important, in a significant growth in sales.€
Geovanny Rodr­guez de Torres Montem¡rmol
Geovanny Rodriguez
Manager of sales
Torres Montem¡rmol

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