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About Esliteratura

Although the company was founded hardly in 2017, the founders have more than 20 years of experience in the area of development and digital trade, and have worked successfully with companies of first level.

Esliteratura is born from natural synergy between the area of development of software and webpages with the digital trade. Although their partners had worked during years in several projects, he is not until year 2017 that we decided to unite forces and to create the company. In just a short time that we must to work under this name we have had some interesting cases of success, in the different services that we offer.

We are in San Jos©, Costa Rica, and can visit it anywhere of the GAM to analyze its needs of development or trade. Put yourself in touch with us and with taste we will take care of to him.


Years of experience of the founders in the area of development of software and digital trade.

Pioneering companies

Both founders have been pioneering in their respective areas

The founders of Esliteratura have been Co-founders of pioneering companies in the Costa Rican market. On the one hand, Word Magic Software, company Co-founded in 1993 by Mr. Ricardo Arg¼ello, pioneer in the sales by Internet and world-wide leader at the time of software of text translation. Nowadays this company has more than 8 million pages indexed by Google and has apps successful and selected by Apple to place in iPads demo in the physical stores around the world. On the other hand, a pioneering company in the creation of a cart of purchases, one of the first a world-wide level.


€œThe relation of Spoken Translation with this company began from year 2003, so they are between our associates of more time and more confidence. My colleagues and I have found their ready extremely professional work party and for any work, extremely honorable, helpful, and direct and clean in their agreements. Also we have enjoyed his hospitality during visits from businesses and personal to Costa Rica. Its capacity is ample: from experticia in text translation, linguistic software engineering and. The design of his apps for movable devices is impressive. I am enough certainly cannot have one better option of where to choose a better partner to participate in a variety of projects.€
Photo of Mark Seligman of Spoken Translation to another satisfied client
Mark Seligman
CEO and Founder
Spoken Translation
California, the USA

Faithful clients

We have clients whom they have more than 15 years to work with us.

Clients satisfied with the generated results, that we have managed to make grow and organize themselves. From hotels recognized level world-wide and awarded by prestigious international brands as National Geographic, to companies leaders at national level in the area of real estate as it is Inhaus.

This fidelity is only obtained giving to a service of first quality, showing results and, mainly, working with honesty and always giving the best thing of our capacities to achieve the objectives.

Our Expertise

€œWith Esliteratura we have managed to harness the reach enormously and digital development of our services of communication and design reason why has become a key trading partner for us.€
Mario Solorzano to happy client from RUBIC HUB
Mario Sol³rzano
Director and Co-founder
Rubic-Hub Strategies

We work Together