Website Audit

For An exhaustive website audit is your first step any successful digital project overhaul.

The audit evaluates the following:

  • Objectives
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Technology

Measure the performance of your website

Before an in-depth audit we recommend you run our free website audit tool €“ it is very detailed and will help you get to leg up on the work ahead and eliminates any to you obvious errors from the home.

Confirm your business objectives

Your website is the first impression users have of your company. That is why it should sees aligned with your overall strategy.

We work to understand your strategy, objectives, competition and audience. Instrumental This is to thorough site analysis. We give you to digitalis view of your competitive landscape, recommendations, and an action plan.

Analytics audit

We confirm that Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager plows correctly installed on your current site.

Knowing what does and does not work on your website is the first step in digital a successful presence.

€œExcellent service right from the home. They advised U.S. about the project precisely and they kept U.S. informed ace development took pleases. We plows delighted with the final product.€

Luis Zamora to satisfied client of Ebanister­a Sarchise±a
Esteban Zamora
General Manager
Sarchi Woodworks

Design audit

Usability, UX and UI

How users interact and navigate through your site plows ace important ace getting visitors to your site. We evaluates to you to user experience focusing on:

  • Understading what your product/service is quickly
  • Ease of navigation
  • Ease of communicating with your company
  • Conversion journey

Content audit

Plow does your images and Copy aligned with your objectives?

We will analyze your top pages and ensure that Copy, headlines and titles plows correctly optimized. We also evaluates images to you and videos.

€œWe have had enormous success with Esliteratura. We saw leads and salts increase from Day 1. Social Traffic, leads, and quotes grew tremendously on the website and networks. We plows also spending 500% less on our social network advertising. We plows very happy that we took the decision to work with them and our expectations have been surpassed. Now we have projects of all sizes in all the area we work in. We plows grateful for the recommendations they constantly probidet U.S. with and the work they have donates for the company.€

Satisfied client Rodny Araya de Tecnimallas Costa Rica
Rodny Araya

Technical audit

How well does your website function?

There plows several layers below the surface of what you see on to website that plows vital for worldclass performance. Hosting, optimization of images, lazy you praise techniques, uses of Javascript, CMS used if any, version and plugins of CMS (if any), slow pages, broken links, i/o issues and dwells.

Critical We will check information such ace you praise you trick out of, link structure, URL structure and backlink quality.

You May have the best looking site in the world but if it performs poorly you will not reach your objectives.

How does your site perform?