Audit of Website

Audit of website

An exhaustive audit is the first step for any project successful Web. Esliteratura evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of its present website, so that we can undo of the weaknesses.

The audit of the website reviews:

  • Objectives
  • Design
  • Analytical
  • Content
  • Technology
We can find what can be done better, and make it part of our design.

What is the performance of their website so well?

Realising an exhaustive audit of its website will be very important to make the decisions exceeds how to continue with its digital presence.

It confirms the objectives of his business

Its website is his first impression. It must be aligned with all the aspects of his global strategy.

We are their partners, and we made sure to understand everything what her organization wants to obtain. Soon we will use that knowledge to evaluate his present site and to give recommendations of how improving it.

Audit of analytical

We confirm if Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager well are installed in their present site.

To know what works and what it does not work in its website is the first step for the optimization of searches and conversion. Our experts use the analytical ones to find out everything, from which pages they are visited, how long visit them, from where the visits, the behavior in the site come and much more.

This allows us to correct what it is not working and to improve, if necessary, what already works. Google Analytics is key to improve its site, and is in the nucleus of everything what we do.


€œExcellent attention from the home, advised to me precise form the project and slopes of the development of the same stay to optimize it. Very satisfied with the end item.€
Luis Zamora to satisfied client of Ebanister­a Sarchise±a
Esteban Zamora

Audit of the design

We evaluate the visual usability and elements.

How their users can sail within their website is as important as to cause that they arrive at the page. We review the experience of the user in its site, and we focused in:

  • Facility of navigation
  • Ability to respond questions
  • Routes towards the conversion

Audit of content

Do the images and the words of their site go according to the objectives?

Esliteratura will analyze the main pages. We will make sure that the titles have the phrases nails appropriate and will evaluate images and videos.


€œWe have been a full successful with the Esliteratura company, from the first day that we began to work we saw an increase in sales and generation of prospectuses and quotes from the social webpage and networks, spending 4 times less in publicity than we invested before. I feel very happy of to have made the decision to work with them and my expectations have been fulfilled to more of the 100%. Now we have projects of all the sizes, in the different services that we offer. Very we are thankful for by all the advice and works that have realised for our company.€
Satisfied client Rodny Araya de Tecnimallas Costa Rica
Rodny Araya
Gerente General
Tecnimallas Costa Rica

Technical audit

What works their website so well?

What works their system so well administrator of contents? So easy What is that the visitors sail by their site? It is his slow site or there is many times of delay? All these factors are important, in the day to day and the total life of their webpage.

We will review critical information because so fast it loads his site, structure of connections and URLs, and to quality of the connections that aim at their site.

It is not sufficient that their site is nothing else beautiful, must work correctly. We will help to understand him what works, what does not work and how to improve it.


Which is the performance of its present website?