€¢ App selected by Apple several consecutive years as of the best ones in its category

€¢ In exhibition in iPads demo at world-wide level in the stores of Apple

€¢ Creation of very good relation with Apple Latin America

€¢ App selected in recommended 2016 as for entrance to classes in the USA

Case of success

App de Tag Journal

Client from 2014

Journal/daily ideal for all: students, writers, journalists and travellers. He stores your moments, thoughts and ideas with brief photos, videos, notes and recordings of voice.

€œFor who everything-in-one looks for an application for journalism, Tag Journal is the best alternative. In addition to a very attractive minimalist interface, she is one of the improvements in his category. For who is familiarized with Markdown, she will not be able to make less than buy it, definitively. And it will enjoy it.€ €”

€œPerfect! Tag Journal owns one of the best designs of interface. Flood of luminosity and trowels of colors that do not make him lose their essential minimalism.€ €”

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