€¢ Given website in time.

€¢ Website responsive and structure easy to sail.

€¢ Complete and detailed information. One implements dynamic calendar and blog.

€¢ Very fast webpage and clean design.

Case of success

Mar­a Auxiliadora School


Client from 2018

With more than 20 years to the service of the Costa Rican education, Mar­a Auxiliadora School has a clear mission: to educate its students identifying and perfecting its personal talents. The use of the technology in this school is worthy to mention.


Contracted services

€œA company that offers an excellent consultant's office in addition to a customized attention according to the exigencies of the client. Very we are satisfied with the work carried out for the design with the webpage and other services for the Educative Center. Very we are thankful them.€
Natalia Camacho
Administrative director
Maria Auxiliadora School

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