€¢ Landing page given in time.

€¢ Integration with CRM and system for handling of appointments for clients.

€¢ Website responsive and structure easy to sail.

€¢ Very fast webpage and clean design.

Case of success

Abitu Condominium


Client of Tactical Outposts of Digital Trade + Advanced Site

Constructed in Passionflower of Curridabat, in a property of 14,250 m2, Abitu is made up of 133 exclusive apartments, divided in 2 towers of 7 floors each. 50% of the property are made up of green forest, areas, footpaths and gardens; but that is not everything, because each one of the amenities of Abitu were designed especially thinking about you, in facilitating a different lifestyle to you.

Esliteratura works altogether with Real estate Inhaus to promote in landing page.

The system of sales includes landing page extreme fast and with extremely attractive interface with videos. The objective is to generate prospectuses (lead magnet) and to give pursuit them with a campaign of automated e-mail (drip campaign). Everything is mounted on a CRM (to customer relationship management system) that Esliteratura formed. This type of structure is extremely effective to hook prospectuses and later to turn them into product clients especially of high value where the purchase decision is not immediate. 


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