Forms to survive this group of forty of the COVID-19 in Costa Rica

Firstly, we want to wish the readers him who are very well, and hoped that they are being taken care of and maintaining in his houses to where it is possible.

These are some practical advice that we give him to survive this group of forty of the COVID-19:

Stay informed

It follows the news, but it does not exaggerate. It is important to stay abreast of the developments in course, since the things are changing quickly, as it were expected with any emergent bud, but also considers that the false news and the disinformation are flooding Internet at this moment. And that can create unnecessary panic, so it chooses your sources wisely.

With respect specifically to the false news, there are many sites that are dedicated to study the news and to verify their authenticity, we recommended some to him:

Specifically on the crown virus COVID-19, it can see truthful and up-to-date information in the site of the World health organization, specifically here:

Pass time with the family

It takes the opportunity to spend time of quality with his family and to know the life the others. This it is a good moment to understand better what their children are learning in the school and to take the rare opportunity to work from house to explain his professional life to them. It wants to be extra audacious? It tries to spend time together without no involved device: it removes those board games, it proves charades, it bake a pie.

If it is only, it calls to friendly and relatives to chatear

The quarantine-requiring solitaires can consider to unload applications of videoconference (that also works as an excellent tool to work from house), or simply to raise the telephone to call to friendly and relatives. It shares his feelings with those those who it trusts and it remembers that it is not only. These are some applications of videoconference that we have tried exhaustive in Esliteratura:

It reviews its pantry first before supplying itself

It makes a list than it has in its pantry first before gathering more foods. It avoids the purchase of panic: it leaves the existence in the shelves so that the other million are prepared to isolate themselves. The foods and the daily needs of the home, as the soap, are essential, but in fact, 14 days it is not really as much. To buy too much can generate food waste or occupy a valuable space of storage after the period of group of forty.

In order to buy in line we have proven many e-commerce in Costa Rica and we can recommend the following:

We have proven many other stores, but we cannot recommend no other by diverse problems that we had.

For shipments and errands:

Advice of how to wash to the purchases of supermarket and deliveries of food, sees video here:

It follows a regular schedule

It is easy to lose the notion of the time when he is private of his daily routines and is locked up in a closed space. To maintain a regular schedule help to maintain a time sensation to it that maintains its body working correctly and its spirit in stop.

Something new tries

Lea that heavy book accumulating dust in your shelf; it looks a documentary one of six parts; it proves new prescriptions; or it completes a puzzle of 1.000 pieces. The experts are also speaking of how the present fall of the market could for the first time be an opportunity for the action investors: he investigates those selections of action.

Apps makes exercise €“ the 9 better gratuitous to make exercise at home

This can help to fortify its immune system and to tire it at the end of the day. To obtain a mat of yoga and some bells of weights is a good place to begin. Also it is good for learning a new dance through tutorial in line, or to at least walk by the living room: he is less colorful than a way rural, but better than to sit down in its sofa during 12 hours followed.

There are many courses in line of gymnastics, yoga and others. Here we recommended the 9 to him better apps gratuitous to stay active making exercises during the group of forty:

1. Nike Training Club
2. FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans
3. Map My Run by Under Armour
4. 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App
5. For yoga Beginners
6. Ab & Core Workouts
7. Zombies, Run!
8. Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify
9. Squad €“ AT Home Fitness

Stay clean

Following where one is, the group of forty rules will vary. If it has the opportunity to leave outdoors, for example, to gather foods, it remembers to wash the hands as soon as it returns. The antimicrobial hand towels are excellent to clean their telephone, wallet, keys and things that touch frequently, as switches of light and handles of doors.

When it is outdoors, it avoids to touch the face, it takes a disinfectant bottle for hands and covers the face with the elbow when coughing or to sneeze to avoid the propagation of germs through the hands.

It is normal to worry, but it maintains the panic to ray

It can have moments at which one feels completely devastated or defenseless as the situation is developed, especially if has relatives or friendly that become ill. Allow yourself to feel all the range of emotions: he is completely normal and human, but it does not allow that they dominate it. It only remembers that he is better to take care of itself at this moment, and that this also will happen.

Working from the house?

If it is working from his house, we recommended the following applications to him for meetings and videoconferences:

In Esliteratura we have proven all, and all solves the basic requirements for the virtual meetings very well, and that you do not have to move and to risk during this delicate period of the virus.

Businessmen and managers: How to manage to increase sales during this hard crisis?

We know that as owner or administrator of company is passing a unique situation that requires immediate actions, especially in different digital means.

And we know that more and more people are buying in line and its company does not have to remain back. In fact Amazon the giant of e-commerce contracted more than one hundred thousand people to help with the demand increased by coronavirus.

Now, with the facility of shipments at home popularized, it is very easy that its company takes orders at home and realises the shipments using platforms as Rappi, Uber, Globe, among others.

Help of the Government from Costa Rica to Companies

From March 19 there is moratorium in taxes for companies during March, April and May. In addition there is an exoneration of the IVA in commercial rentings by the months of April, May and June.  

Its Business in spite of the crisis grows

On the other hand, the one that all the companies of the competition are in line or in process to do it, does more difficult to excel its products or services. In this point it is where we can help to present him their brand and special promotions during this time, with our system of artificial intelligence and generating of prospectuses in mass and automated pursuit.

It clicks here to see details of SalesMachine 

®and how we have managed to duplicate sales of clients in 3 months.

Why need does a VPN if it is working from house?
Portable Computer? Ready. Good signal of wifi? Ready. Comfortable Trousers? Ready. A provided good appetizer drawer? Ready. A Nintendo Switch to play during its hour of lunch? Super ready!
Yes, to a large extent, it seems that it has all this to work from house while it passes the group of forty. Only that it needs now is a virtual network private, the well-known thing by its abbreviations as VPN.
A €œVPN€, as to them usually it is called, is a service that redirige its connection to Internet through its own deprived servers to establish a safer network. The benefits of this technology are double: on the one hand, it masks the direction of protocol of Internet (IP) of his computer to hide to his identity and location of indiscreet glances and hackers. Also, it encripta his data so that nobody can see what it is looking for, what sites are visiting or what it is unloading, for example, confidential documents of the company.
Some organizations provide VPN to their employees to protect the work who realise of remote form in the middle of the bud of coronavirus COVID-19, but hers has not done it (or if it works independently), it has luck: several popular suppliers are offering great discounts in their services to make sure that the privacy in line is the minor of their preoccupations at this moment.
  • These are some of the systems of VPN that we recommended, and that have discounts at this moment:
  • Surfshark: It saves 83% in a plan of 24 to $1,99 months and only pays USD to the month entering the code sharkstart during the payment. (The plans are completely reimbursable by 30 days). If you are proprietor of a small business whose sustenance has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, also it can ask for a gratuitous subscription of six months. Click to know here more
  • PureVPN: any person who register at this moment in a PureVPN plan will receive 12 monthly accounts to give to her friendly, relatives and/or fellow workers. In order to obtain the best supply, she decides on his plan of two years: at the moment she is in favor on sale of $3,33 to the month (a saving of 74%). She clicks here to register itself
  • Internet prevails to you Access: It will obtain two months additional of protection free when it today obtains a plan of deprived access to Internet of a year to $2,85 per month (a saving of 71%). It clicks here to register itself
  • CyberGhost VPN: if one subscribes to a plan of three years of CyberGhost VPN to $2,75 per month (a saving of 79%), it will obtain two months additional of protection free. It clicks here to register itself
  • ExpressVPN: per limited time, it can in line obtain 12 months of protection by only $8,32 to the month (invoiced $99,95 to the year), a saving of 35%. In addition, its purchase is covered by a guarantee of return of money of 30 days. It clicks here to register itself

NordVPN: the plan of three years of NordVPN is at the moment in promotion by only $3,49 to the month, or 70% of discount. It clicks here to register itself. (Note: NordVPN underwent a violation of access in March of 2018 when a hacker operated a system of remote management uncertain in a Finnish datacenter from which the company rented servers. Nevertheless, still we think that he is a strong competitor in the VPN space. It clicks here to obtain more data)

It studies in line

We in line recommended some completely gratuitous courses to him of the University of Harvard:

Principles, Statistical and Computational for Tools Reproducible Science Data

Shakespeare's Life and Work

Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Introduction to Data Wise: To Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching

Improving Your Business Through to Culture of Health 

  • More resources for professionals

    Also nowadays there is a great amount of resources in line as coaching and to learn languages:
    €“ Duolingo
    €“ italki
    €“ Babbel