Surprising data on Videos for its Company

To create videos for its company is vital nowadays.

The video is the means of more growth in popularity between the Internet users.

The numbers are overwhelming:

  • For 2021 more than 82% of Internet traffic it will be video
  • Amazon and Ebay report that if puts a video in the page of a product that increases by 35% the purchase possibility
  • More than 4 billions of videos they are seen in YouTube every day

For that reason the video has become essential his to communicate with clients and prospectuses of its company.

Here there are several data that surprised product to us of a survey that made Promo company.

In addition we in the end add some of the best practices and a list of resources.

To publish in multiple platforms that allow video and to try what is better

Facebook is the most popular platform to see videos (47% of the survey ones) which is not surprise since they have optimized its algorithm to show more videos.

The native videos are the recommended thing. Instead of making a connection towards the video in YouTube is better to raise the videos each channel. That gives more visibility them because they are favored by the algorithm of the channel.

However, it would not have to ignore the other channels of video available, for example: YouTube and Instagram. It would have to prove all and to compare results.

But most important as always it is the value that they are giving to the user.

The users are consuming more and more video.

Every day videos are seen but

A single video that created a few months ago is not sufficient.

More than 76% of the survey ones they say that they see more than two videos per day.

Interestingly, 65% say to prefer to see videos of Facebook with sound and the majority is men.

The subtitles are read 44% of the times.

So sound, subtitles and complete descriptions and detailed all add value and improve the experience of the user.

In order to obtain a higher volume of videos it considers to make more informal videos. The Stories are an accessible place where the user does not wait for a great technical production. While the message is sincere and useful it will fulfill the mission.

Videos = Action

Every day more people are taking action when seeing a video.

It is important to align the message of his company with the videos that produces so that the users see something excellent. This will cause that they share or they communicate more with his company.

And by the same it is important to have some type of action at the end of the video where it is clear to the user as communicating with his company, if there is some supply or any useful information that it impels it when contacting them.

Survey of video users

This useful infogr¡fico shows to habits of users and videos: 

Summary - to make videos is the future and present

The videos must be part of the day to the day of the trade efforts of their company. The infogr¡fico arrives gives much useful information of the use landlords which is fundamental. It is always priority to understand the user, to include his potential client and to put themselves in his shoes.

This will cause that their videos become a powerful tool of creation of businesses for their company.

Resources To create Videos

Video editors

Other Tools for Creation of Videos

Gratuitous images and Videos

Images of the Public Domain (without author right)

Sound and gratuitous music for videos:

Courses of Creation of Videos

Platforms of Video

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