4 steps that can take if its name of domain already is taken

It finishes inventing the best idea for a company and the name of perfect domain to start. When it is going to register that domain for his website, that occurs to account of already is occupied. What can do?

Instead of lamenting itself, is hour to return to create a strategy for its name of domain.

1. The importance of being demanding

It thinks about the domain names as a reflection of whom are you, what does and what service and/or product offer. And, in the same way that would spend to sufficient time and energy to the suitable creation of €œthe physical€ location for its company, it must invest to the same amount of time and energy to create his €œvirtual€ location.

In other words, €œa good€ name of domain is, indeed, €œgood€ a digital identity. And, since its name of domain is his by time enough, he is essential to create a strategy. It wishes to choose one that is aligned and so their company and its website promise to offer.

Perhaps then, still it is asked, how I make to choose a good domain? Thus it is how:

  • Do it rich in key words. Here it must concentrate in the effective key words and phrases that better describe their business, company or product. This strategy implies to make a list of some phrases or key words that are related to their product (or service) that offers and to select the best keyword to describe in question. For example, we say that you live in Costa Rica and she interests the recycling to him. Its goal? To create a website that enumerates all the centers of recycling in its respective city. Its name of domain, then, could be mejorreciclajecostarica.com
  • It thinks Social. Ideally, its name of domain must agree with its possible identifiers of social networks. For example, if its plan is to buy the minegocio.com domain, make sure to create an account of Twitter (@minegocio) and a page of Facebook (facebook.com/minegocio).
  • Preparation with options comes. It dedicates something of time so that the creative juice flows and makes a rain of ideas on some options of endorsement, in case it discovers that his first option already has been registered. When it has found some that really it likes, prepare yourself to mix them and to combine them if it is necessary.
  • Maintain it easy. When thinking about possible names of domain, it wishes that it is easy to remember, easy to write and easy to listen. There is nothing no worse than to strive to remember the website of a company because the name was too complicated or if somebody listened to it by the radio, could not write it of memory. To maintain the access to its website always must be most important.

Still it has problems to find a solid name that not yet it has been taken? It tries to use DomainScope, a tool based on data that does the work by you.

2. He is creative

Even if sunombredeempresa.com is not available, there are (luckily) many forms in which it can use the name of the company that originally had putting, without returning to begin.

  • It tries to be brief. Perhaps clearly, it is not the most ideal scene, but to be brief its name of original domain still can be equal of cash. For example, we say that its commercial name is the Brother Hernandez Recycling. If all the obvious domains or are taken, it can even prove an abbreviation as ReciclajeHH.com or HHRecicla.com
  • It fits its wished name. One of the forms simplest to find a domain available is to add a word before or after the name that wishes. For example, instead of HHReciclaje.com (that already is registered, hypothetical speaking), it can also obtain HHReciclajeOnline.com (that is available, hypothetical speaking). Another option? It uses his location. For example, instead of dominioquequiero.com, it is possible that it wishes to prove dominioquequierocr.com
  • It creates a sticky phrase. If there is no a brief option available, it can register a name of domain with a phrase or catchphrase as ReciclajeBienHecho.com. It even can use a phrase of SEO key words that integrate its location, for example: ReciclajeBienHechoCostaRica.com

3. It thinks outside the box. Com

If it is as the majority of the companies, it prefers to have €œ.com€ at the end of his name of domain. Certain? Nevertheless, as already account will have occurred, many .com names could not be available.

It was not estrese. Although the names of .com domain still are the top-level domain (TLD) more used, the generic domains of level superior (gTLD) are increasing their popularity (it thinks about .edu, .net, .co and .me).

In order to illustrate, there is an example here. We say that the idea indicated above of the domain of ReciclajeBienHechoCostaRica.com already is taken. Instead of throwing the towel, why not to register that same name of domain with another extension? The result could be something as ReciclajeBienHechoCostaRica.net or ReciclajeBienHechoCostaRica.co.

As it can see, TLD generic is the perfect way to maintain intact their easy original brand maintaining the search. Then, if it cannot register that coveted name of .com domain, it is not the end of the world. The registry of its name of domain with another extension of level superior can not have the visibility of the .com name, but even so it can be a great alternative.

4. It tries to buy the domain

When all the other fault, and its name of ideal domain or were registered for another person or company, is possible that it wishes to consider to buy it of them. If it has luck, the possibility that exists especially it is arranged to sell it, if is no an active website in that name of domain.

In order search any domain, it visits whois.sc. The results will show to him name of whom the domain is registered and how to contact the proprietor (generally, there is an email address in the list). As a formality, it first sends an e-mail to the proprietor of the domain to see if the direction is on sale. (This will allow him to determine if it is a real possibility). It considers, nevertheless, that its sale price can be a little more stop than it waited for, so it does not make a supply immediately. If its initial supply is too high, it can make a counterattack. It is not rare that the people overestimate the value of the domain names that they have.

If you prefer not to fight with the negotiations same, also she can contract an external agent. Nowadays, the sale of domains is a multimillionaire industry, so it considers that could end up paying a little extra money by its domain.

Aside from that, to own a name of premium domain can be an excellent long-term investment for its company or business, generating recognition name brand, offering instantaneous credibility and generating more gains.

Not yet it has name of domain for its company?