10 verified forms to reduce the abandonment of its cart of purchases

It wishes to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases in his site? He is problematic to think about taking to a client until the cart of purchases, to only lose the sale. The good news is that verified forms exist to reduce the rates of abandonment of your cart without modifying your store of electronic commerce totally. In this publication, we will share 10 proven advice to reduce the abandonment of the cart.

1. It implements emergent windows when they try to go away

If it has never used the emergent windows on attempt of exit, this is a great opportunity to maximize its conversions.

The emergent windows on attempt of exit can be installed in any page, including the cart of purchases and the pages of payment, and works when detecting when a user is on the verge of leaving the page. When detecting an intention of exit, is sent an emergent message that encourages them to remain offering a supply or presenting more information about products.

For example, when somebody is on the verge of leaving its cart, it can present a coupon as this:

With the technology of intention of exit of OptinMonster, a different message can present a still more specific supply when showing depending the interests on the buyer, or what pages of their site have seen.

If the buyer still goes away without completing its purchase, it can send a sequence to them of mail of left cart to attract them to return.

2. It eliminates the surprises

Even if it does not wish to offer the gratuitous shipment, even so it can reduce the number of people who leave their cart due to the costs of shipment and other positions. A study of Forrester informs that the 22 percent of the buyers leaves their carts of purchase because the salesman did not mention the positions from the home.

In the same way, the data of Business Insider show that the main reason by which a cart of purchases is left is that the shipment costs cause that the total purchase adds more of the awaited thing.

All this they suggest to the buyers simply do not like the surprises. In order to eliminate that surprise, it will have to eliminate all the additional costs before adding elements to his cart.

The difficult part is, how it is possible to be obtained when the shipment costs are variable?

There it is where a calculator enters: it can add a button to his product pages that the cost of shipment considered for its client will calculate before they arrive at the cart of purchases.

There are several forms to do this. If WooCommerce uses, it can simply install a complement as the Calculator of shipment of WooCommerce in the page of the product or plugin Calcular shipment of WooCommerce.

If Shopify uses, it can use one of his subjects with the calculators of tariffs of shipment integrated or to add a calculator of tariffs of shipment to any subject.

If shipment has another tariffs in addition to (imposed of sales, tariffs by handling, positions by personalisation of the product or any other thing that is added to the announced price), it will want to make sure that those tariffs are clear in the pages of the product so that the clients are not surprised once they add an article to his cart.

3. It maintains the visible cart

The 24 percent of the people who leave their cart of purchases wishes to keep their articles for future considerations (it sees the computer graphics of KISSmetrics).

Therefore, if it wishes that they return later, is very important to maintain at sight cart. Otherwise, it will be outside the view and the mind of his clients.

This could be something as simple as an icon of cart in the corner of the screen that expands when doing click or when happening the mouse exceeds he.

For example, thus it is as the icon of cart of Amazon is seen. It even shows the amount of elements within the car, reason why one remembers to him immediately that it has not completed his purchase:

If WooCommerce is using, it can add an icon of customized cart easily as this a his menu bar with the complement of cart of menus of WooCommerce.

4. It qualifies the payment for guests

It is not a good idea to ask to them the clients who create an account before paying. This not only slows down the process, but the majority of the clients really goes away.

To enter information, to confirm an email address and soon to return to the cart of purchases are much to ask a client who probably has other options in line to choose.

Check demolishes the barrier of home of session qualifying out of the guests. It always can ask to them that they are registered to create an account in the end, after they have already made his purchase.

If WooCommerce is using, everything what must do is to mark a square to qualify the payment of the guests:

At the end of the payment process, the clients will have the option to create an account.

5. It causes that the payment process is fast

One of the best forms to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases is to eliminate unnecessary pages and to simplify the process.

Do Their clients really need to click in five pages different to complete a purchase? While he can simplify the process and more reduce the amount of steps that a client must cross, better.

Here there is an example of a fast screen of super payment of Dribble (a site of sale of designs):

They could simplify the process as much that everything what a client must do is to enter its e-mail and the information of its credit card, to press the button €œTo pay€ and ready! Fact. Not even they request a name!

Another thing that is brilliant about this screen of payment is the square of verification €œTo remember to me€, that it avoids that the users must enter their information if for the second time they wish to buy again in Dribble.

6. It causes that to put itself in touch it is easy

The buyers inevitably will have questions during the payment process. It is his work to cause that the information is easily available when directing them to its page of frequent questions or to give the option them to communicate directly.

A chat function is the ideal option, if it is preparation to offer it. There are many tools of chat, for example Drift causes that it is very easy to add a chat to his store of WordPress.

If it cannot offer a live chat, a phone number on watch to the client can be sufficient. Only make sure that the buyers know how to put themselves in touch with you when they have a question, and that does not lose them at the moment at which they are determined to realise a purchase in his cart of purchases.

7. It keeps the cart

84% of the buyers in line are buyers that they compare. That is the convenience of Internet. They open a pile of windows, they find similar products, they compare prices and terms, and soon they make a final selection.

This to go and to come often it means that they will close the windows, will return to connect itself and they will move. A particularly demanding buyer can even do this per days before making a final decision.

This means that he is crucial that the carts of purchases keep, so that it can redirigir to the users who previously have added something to the cart but which not yet they have done check out.

There are several options to obtain this, according to the supplier of cart of purchases that uses. Here there are some:

8. It offers a variety of payment options

A study realised by comScore indicates that 56% of the buyers in line wish to see a variety of options of payment at the time of the payment.

The particular options of payment that their clients prefer will vary, reason why it is important to know his buyer.

Generally, to include basic cards as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc., and also Paypal is a safe bet.

9. It uses the shortage

Sometimes the buying ones only need a little additional motivation to complete their purchase. The shortage creates the urgency that needs to buy now.

A strategy is to show how many units of the product are. For example, to tell him to the client that is only three dresses of the size and the style that wishes can take them to buy based on the fear to lose itself of the opportunity.

Another form to use the shortage is adding a clock of regressive account. This works when it is executing sales special flash and supplies. When the clients see that only they have a few hours to take advantage of a supply, it is less probable that they waste the time of purchases.

10. It offers the shipment free

Although the majority of the times is a smaller amount, the shipment cost is sufficient to gain or to lose a sale.

A study of Forrester sample that the 44 percent of the buyers in line that leave their cars does it due to the costs of shipment and handling.

KISSmetrics summarizes the statistical ones on the abandonment of the shopping cart of the following way:

Because the shipment costs are the reason number 1 by which the buyers leave their carts, the best thing is to offer the shipment free to them. The gratuitous shipment is an important incentive and point of sale so that the clients buy with you in front of their competitors, so make sure to take this opportunity to the maximum.

We hope that this publication has given more ideas him to reduce the abandonment of the cart of purchases and to maximize its income of electronic commerce.

It wants a cart of purchases that really sells in their website?