Development of Software custom-made

Development of software custom-made

We have been able to help many companies to develop specific software for the internal needs of the business. From systems of accounting and inventory, our clients have been able to grow and to organize themselves better thanks to the software of first quality developed by our equipment of developer.

We analyze the needs of his company, and developed software custom-made to solve the specific problems and processes, increasing to the efficiency and effectiveness of his business.

30.000+ products

Number of products in the inventory systems of our clients. Thanks to these systems several clients have benefitted from an exponential growth as far as their product portfolio.

€œInhaus is 10 years old to work in the national market of real estate in Costa Rica. The first three years were only bad experiences with technology companies and since we worked with Ing. Arg¼ello de Esliteratura in these last 7 years, they have been only good experiences. It is pleasant to work with so honest and professional people.€
Satisfied client Cristian Zº±iga de Inhaus Real estate
Cristian Zº±iga
Gerente General
Inhaus Real estate


Software to improve processes

If its company at the moment handles to the form processes manual, with archives of Excel or some other archaic form, we can help him to custom-made centralize those processes in a system that not only will help him to organize its business but it will also help him to grow of an efficient form.

€œThe best service than I have received by its professionalism, knowledge, answer immediate and best the suitable solution to the software needs that always we have in our company! Full recommended€
Photo of Enrique Wong of company OTI
Enrique Wong
Gerente General
OTI Costa Rica

Integration with present systems

Our equipment is specialistic in integrating new systems to existing systems in its company.

One does not worry if in their company propietary systems, systems are used legacy, or simply technologies that no longer are in much use at present. We have integrated systems to all basic type of data, and have rewritten old source code to new programming languages. We have programmers of more than 20 years of experience, able to take any source code, to understand it and to adapt it to the present needs of its business.

€œThe experience of to have worked with Esliteratura in the development and implementation of the website, has been very positive and satisfactory, since with to them to have only transmitted our needs and along with the suggestions of them, we have gotten to create an integral solution of way like we handled our inventory and until we generated pdf for our clients with the back-end of the application. From this development we have been able to get to control much in the same website of our work movement.€
Satisfied client Francisco Castro de Galer­a Valanti
Francisco Castro

It needs development software in his company?