Frequent questions

Frequent questions

We have compiled a series of questions and common answers.

Please it reads these questions and answers before putting itself in touch with our equipment of support. It is probable that the problem that it has is resolute in this section.

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The short answer is that definitively yes. The website is the first impression of its business towards the clients. It has a great amount of advantages:

  • It has a fixed cost unlike a physical store
  • He is available 24/7
  • It gives a great convenience to the clients by access facility from any place
  • It gives to credibility to his brand or company
  • It allows to have more visitors of those than it would only have with a physical store
  • It allows to have a trade strategy in line
  • It has the own name of the business, is not under no other brand
  • When having a name will be able to have a customized email with the name of its company, which gives to professionalism to the communications with its clients and prospectuses him
We have had wonderful cases of success creating websites that sell for our clients.

Again, the short answer is no. Really the people who will enter by different means will be, more likely, different. Having a website is to open another door more of its business, where they will be able to see it world-wide level. More of 85% of the purchases or intention of purchase in Internet they begin by a search in Google. The one that appears its page will be indispensable to offer its services instead of those of the competition.

Some advantages of the webpages on the social networks are:

  • Absence of announcements of the competition, since in the page of his company in the social networks they appear announcements of companies similar to hers
  • Positioning of its brand without depending on third parties
  • The website is a unique space to persuade the client
  • With the website and the analytical tools it can have a detailed analysis of the traffic. In Esliteratura we can help him with this analysis of analytical tools.

Shelp all these advantages it is important to clarify that a webpage does not replace on Facebook to the page, nor vice versa.

If it needs help with development Web, with taste we can help him.

Lamentably there is no a short answer, because it really depends on:

€¢ Size of the site: amount of pages, amount of content, photos, videos

€¢ Complexity: connection with technologies of third parties, development custom-made

€¢ Additional requirements: design of logo, generation of content (text, images, videos)

Put yourself in touch with us and with taste we will value the necessary work for the website of its company and will prepare a proposal.

If it at this moment does not have a website, first that it must do it is a study of phrases key, fundamental to obtain traffic and possible clients in his new website.

Later one is due to work in a hearing analysis. It needs to know the characteristics, needs, motivations and atmosphere of the key visitor of the website.

The results of these studies will be the base for a design of website to trade their product or service. From the design of the site it must go the main objective: to attract visitors and to turn them to clients.

Once designed, it is come to the development of the website. The key is here to transform the designs into rich websites in content and interactive, easy to use for the visitors and easy to maintain for the clients

Many companies finish with the development Web, give the site and they forget the client. Esliteratura further on goes, since we offer services of digital trade and SEO, and optimization of rate of conversion. It remembers that a website must act 2 basic as: to attract visitors and to urge the visitor to take some action. Those factors of success are moderate with two values: traffic and rate of conversion.  Doing a website and not trading it and to optimize it is to throw by the hut all the work that implied the development.

Additionally we offer monthly maintenance services, so that approach in letting grow its business instead of worrying about technical details that they are not its line of business.

An exhaustive audit is the first step for any project successful Web. What one becomes is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his present website, and to undo of the weaknesses.

It remembers that its website is the first impression that has their clients of their company. The revision not only is technical aspects, also it is a revision to verify that the content of its present site is aligned with its strategy of businesses and that it is optimized so that the visitors turn.

In Esliteratura we can realise this audit of his website and begin to improve his presence Web.

The reasons for which a website is slow can be many:

  • Service of slow or overloaded lodging. If its website receives many visitors we recommended to him to use a service of lodging handled instead of shared. It can read more on this in our page of lodging and support.
  • Very great or heavy images. It can be that its website is loading images of much so large and need optimization.
  • Obsolete technology or software used with evil design. In webpages and especially pages in management systems of contents as WordPress, it can have many groups of bad quality, evil programmed or programmed efficiently, that will do that its site loaded slow. In Esliteratura always we made sure that the sites of our clients are fast and stable, since it is a fundamental aspect of positioning in Google.
  • Lack of use of cache tools. A basic aspect at the time of having a website is the cache, to store data and not to have to again look for them in the servant of its website. The use or incorrect use of these tools cannot cause that its website becomes really slow.
It can have more reasons of the mentioned ones here. In Esliteratura we can make an audit of his exhaustive website, of such form that will have a report than he is bad and it is necessary to improve.

Saying that a website turns or has conversions is that the people that visits it (traffic) execute some action within the website: to give click to a button, to fill a contact form, to initiate a chat session, to add a product to a cart of purchases, among others.

In Esliteratura we offer the service to him to improve the rate of conversion of its present website.

There are two fundamental factors for a website, traffic and rate of conversion. In order to increase the traffic to their website many techniques exist, that are part of the digital trade and SEO:

  • Alignment of its phrases nails and contained to the strategy of its business
  • Optimization for finders
  • Technical aspects as, sitemap.xml and others

The website must be developed, from its homes, thinking about these two factors.

Clear that yes. Several analyses can be realised:

  • Analysis of the quality of traffic, to see if really the traffic that it is having is aligned with the hearing puts their company has.
  • Audit of the website to analyze the action calls (CTA) and to see if it is a oriented design to trade.
  • Finally an optimization of rate of conversion can be realised to analyze all the opportunities of improvement that has its website.
In Esliteratura we helped him with all these tasks, that are not easy absolutely.

In order to measure these two factors its website needs the installed analytical tools. Esliteratura can realise a revision of Analytics to verify that everything is in sequence and these important tools properly are installed.

SSL is known popularly as security certificate. He is vital for the positioning of his website, since Google added it as it leaves from his formula of positioning in the 2017 and it is doing it obligatory as of year 2018.

All the sites realised and with maintenance from Esliteratura have the installed certificate of security.


There are several advantages to have app, in addition to having a website, for its company:

  • Apps settles directly in the device (telephone, clock, TV)
  • They could work connectionless to Internet
  • They are visible all along in the device of the user
  • The market of apps has major growth that other markets in the technology area
  • It extends the recognition name brand of his company
  • It can acquire different clients, because the hearing of apps can be different, as well as the reach

Some interesting statistics:

  • 90% of the time consumed in movable devices are in apps
  • Only 26% of the SMEs (to June of the 2015) have app or a website responsive
  • More of 90% of the managers of companies they recognize the importance of giving the jump towards app
Apps has unique characteristics, that cannot be still implemented in a website. It can read more in our page of development of apps.

In apps unique functions can be still implemented, nonavailable in websites:

  • Notifications push directly in the device of the clients. More of 65% of the users they open the notifications received in his movable devices
  • Geolocalizaci³n
  • Geofencing, to be able to surround a geographic zone and to take action if the client is in that zone
  • Sensors of movement, health, activity
  • Functionality that uses the camera of the device
  • Applications with increased reality
Apps has unique characteristics, that cannot be still implemented in a website. It can read more in our page of development of apps.

Clearly, and rather he is the recommendable thing, because one promotes to the other.

In Esliteratura we can help him as much with the development of his webpage as with the development of app for his business.

Service of lodging

The service of lodging is very important so that its website has a high performance in the speed of load. You can have implemented all the techniques and have applied all the good practices for a successful website, but she is running in a deficient lodging (slow, unstable, with nonoptimal technological infrastructure), she will not serve much all along as and inverted money.

A website must load fast (in 3 seconds or at the most 5), and if its service of lodging is not efficient, will not be able to achieve this objective. The reason that the speed of load is important is not only by Google and the importance that gives him for the indexing of its site, but also by the experience that wants to give to him its potential client. The statistics say that after 3 seconds 20% of conversions by every second are lost that happens.

In Esliteratura we can recommend and form the best services of hosting for his company. For more information hosting sees the page Web.

Definitively a service of robust, stable lodging and with technology and infrastructure of last generation can still more help to turn its website into a powerful tool of sales for its business.

In Esliteratura we can recommend and form the best services of hosting for his company. For more information hosting sees the page Web.

We really have a pair of companies recommended for lodging Web.

If its company is small, and the website is a small site and not very complex, we recommended an excellent option to him of called lodging SiteGround.

If it needs a more robust service and burglaryable, a service of excellent lodging offers it Pressidium.


We can recommend and form the best services to him of hosting for his company. For more information hosting sees the page Web.

The domain or name of domain is the unique name with which the users can accede to their website. Although not necessarily the domain name must be in the same service of hosting, is a common practice. In services of lodging administered this it is not generally an option, and you must aside have his domain in some other service.

If he would need consultant's office with his domain, he wants to know with which company he is administered or he wishes to transfer it, we we can help him. Put yourself in touch with us and with taste we can analyze his particular case.

Digital trade and SEO

A website must act 2 as: to attract visitors and to urge the visitor to take some action. Those factors of success are moderate with two values: traffic and rate of conversion. The SEO (Optimization Search Engine) allows to increase the useful traffic him for its website.

It can read more in our page on our services of SEO and digital trade.

The digital trade includes a series of specialized tasks:

  • Investigation of phrases nails
  • Present traffic analysis (if a website existed)
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Optimization of content of its website
  • Improvement of the rate of conversion
  • A great amount of technical tasks that are realised continuously
 It can read more in our page on our services of SEO and digital trade.

Part of the SEO tasks is in analysis of the quality of traffic that its website is having at the moment. The possibility exists that its website has great amount of traffic, but that this is not of quality, that is to say, that any type of conversion is not generating.

In Esliteratura we can realise an exhaustive study and analyze the improvement opportunities to optimize the traffic and the rate of conversion.

If its website has traffic, it generates quality conversions (that become to potential clients or possible sales) and in addition his clients are satisfied with the quality and information of its content Web, its supplier of present trade is fulfilling its work.

If not outside the case, in Esliteratura we can help him. We have cases of success demonstrated of increases of conversion and sales of many companies around the world. Please talk about to our page of digital trade and SEO to read more about the services than we can offer to him.

This means that its traffic is not of quality. This can be for different reasons:

  • The hearing puts of its business is not aligned with the content of its website
  • The site does not have action calls, or it has them but they are not implemented adequately
In Esliteratura we can help him with these strategic aspects of study of phrases nails and hearing study to possibly manage to improve the rate of conversion of his website.

The rate of conversion is simply the percentage of the visitors who execute an action in a website.

There are many tasks that can be realised to improve it. It can read more details in our page of optimization of rate of conversion.

Clearly. Part of the exhaustive audit that we can realise to a website includes a content analysis. The content of quality designed with effectiveness has the power to attract and to influence the indicated people. In order to attract their clients, the experts in content that turns of Esliteratura turn convincing language into excellent subjects for their hearing.

He consults our page of content creation Web to read more on the importance of the content of his site and how we can help to improve it.

The services of digital trade and SEO do not have immediate results. There are changes that depend on the indexing of Google, are others also depend on what so exhaustive became the analysis and creation of the content.

For that reason in Esliteratura we tried, from the home, to align the content to the phrases nails, that are as well in syntony with their hearing puts and the general missions of their company.

It can see more details on these services in our page of SEO and trade.

Company and services

Although we cannot speak in the name of other companies, in Esliteratura we have verified cases of success, we worked with clients of forward edge at world-wide level and our work has been awarded and selected by the most prestigious companies of the world as Apple.

We in our page can read more envelope of whom we are.

We have several documented cases of success. Please talk about to our page of cases of success to read more.

In Esliteratura we are a company completely burglaryable. At a certain time we can handle at the same time up to 10 projects of development, and we have successfully done it in the past. We have personnel specialized in the support area and the tasks of the day to day, so the repetitive tasks, that can take long time, are already covered.

He can see our work and the projects that are in process at the moment in our page of portfolio.


Unlike many companies of the market, in Esliteratura we considered fundamental to offer guarantee on the offered works. Like many products or services, yes it is possible to offer limited guarantee.

The guarantee covers the following thing:

  • If it developed the website with us, guarantee of by life in website with respect to updates and correct operation of the same if it is affiliate to our plan of maintenance. In our page of the service of lodging and support it will be able to find the details than we can do by his company month to month.
  • If it is affiliate to our monthly plan of digital trade and SEO, we guaranteed to him that we will take excellent traffic to its website and that we will do all the possible one so that those clients generate conversions (contact by social email, chat, networks, among others).
  • Guarantee of time arrives (uptime) of the lodging suppliers that we used and we recommended.
  • If it custom-made used our services of development of apps or development of software, given software has 6 months of guarantee against defects or bugs (fleas)
Any doubt or consults, does not doubt in putting itself in touch with us, with taste we will take care of to him.
€œInhaus is 10 years old to work in the national market of real estate in Costa Rica. The first three years were only bad experiences with technology companies and since we worked with Ing. Arg¼ello de Esliteratura in these last 7 years, they have been only good experiences. It is pleasant to work with so honest and professional people.€
Satisfied client Cristian Zº±iga de Inhaus Real estate
Cristian Zº±iga
Gerente General
Inhaus Real estate

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