5 bad habits that will sink their marketing in social networks

Social networks for companies

Social networks for companies

Internet and the gratuitous social platforms that have been developed have offered us really surprising tools to connect to us with others. Those tools have obtained much well€¦ and something of damage.

Nowadays, the social platforms are fundamental for the marketing of contents and the digital businesses. They help to find potential clients us. They act as amplifiers for our content. They help us to connect to us with the people and to learn more forms on as helping them.

Then, if the social networks are so important, how it is that so many digital small businesses are doing it so bad?

A thing is that their local bank little is falsified in the use of the social networks. One assumes that they are slow to change.

But digital businesses as his and mine? We would have to be good in this. We see some of the things that stop to us.

Badly habit #1: to try to include too much

It can be depressing to realize of how many different social platforms exist. And for all, great or small, somebody it will tell him that simply it must be there.

I tell him that simply it does not have to be there.

Probably it must have a presence in the social platform that more amount for the hearing which it takes care of. But it does not have sense to try to have a viable and significant presence in all the platforms that believes they can have some clients.

If it needs the permission somebody, we will give ours him. It does not have to be in each €œimportant€ social platform. Probably it would not have to be in them.

Concentrate yourself in one or two platforms. Be and you pay attention. It makes less and better connections.

Badly habit #2: to ignore the context constantly

The tools of social programming are fantastic. The equipment of Esliteratura certainly benefits from them. But the programmers can also create very strange juxtapositions.

Your feed of Twitter can be operating with a serious or even tragic event€¦ and your programmed publications that are speaking on their new product or service.

All we surprised things sometimes. And most people understand that the social means programmers can do a little to us deaf temporarily€¦.

But it is difficult to worry about a presence in the social networks that clearly has been put in permanent way €œto form and to forget€.

When we see a digital small business - particularly one that turns around an individual person who never seems to realize than she happens in policy, present sports, films, TV shows or any other thing€¦ it is difficult to feel that there is some connection there.

Badly habit #3: to speak more than listens

A particularitity on those accounts €œto form and to forget€ is that they do not seem to listen to too much. (For that reason they are so other people's to which it is happening to his around).

Not to accede to the platforms and to listen what people must say on the subject are a terrible missed opportunity.

The adjustment product-market is the cornerstone of any successful business. If it can find out what wants its hearing and the value that they give him, can give him to form to its supplies and products to satisfy its needs.

The social platforms offer a listening post to him incredibly easy to use. It does not waste it.

Badly habit #4: it only chats, no strategy

We are honest a little while. He is much more comfortable to chatear in the social networks that to really work in its business.

It can pass every second of every day sharing memes, speaking over trivial subjects and leaving the noise of the social networks it makes it feel as if it was doing something.

That is almost as productive as to spend 18 hours to the day seated in a stool without doing nothing.

Perhaps really it has the ideas that would solve all the problems of the world. But unless it leaves to the world, nobody will never benefit from them.

Badly habit #5: only strategy, nothing of chat

On the other hand, if everything what does is part of a sequence carefully coreografiada of funnels and cables optimized trap and pages that lead to additional sales and cross-sellings€¦ its hearing begins to ask itself if there is a human being in some place there absolutely.

Nobody wants to feel that only they are combustible for his machine of marketing. The objective to make businesses with you, with a smaller and personal business, is that their clients can settle down a connection with a human being.

The €œvoice is not name brand€ invented by a publicity agency that they obtain with his bank. And either a €œATM of Internet€ designed to clear the money to him of its wallet.

The social means platforms are where we spent the short while. They are where we can be put a little idiot.

If it never publishes something random or conversational, simply because it has desire, then his presence in the social networks is only another collection of announcements.

And at this time, all we are very, very good to ignore the announcements.

Finding the balance adapted for its situation

We must find that intelligent midpoint.

Not to spend all our time on Facebook speaking and thinking that is €œbusinesses€.

But to either establish €œheartless automatic funnels€ that ignore the social context. (Especially if his business you are, its name and its face).

What has of you? Where it is in the phantom chats/strategy? It thinks that it is the best place for you? Let know his commentaries us€¦

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