Formats and specifications of video for social networks

Social networks for companies - publication optimization on Facebook
  • Favourite format: MOV or MP4 (with Codec H.264 & audio AAC)
  • Pictures per second: 30fps or less
  • Dimensions principles: 1280px of width (with a divisible radius between 16px)
  • Length: maximum of 45 minutes
  • Limit of size of file: 1.75GB

Although these are mainly a guide, Facebook will accept any video that is raised with any specification. What they do not tell him is that any video that does not fulfill its lineaments will be turned to its preferred format into the moment, to add more compression and possible damage of the quality of its video.

Social networks for companies - Twitter
  • Favourite format: MP4 (with Codec audio H.264 & AAC of low complexity)
  • Pictures per second: 40fps or less
  • Dimensions principles: 1280px x 1024px (aspect ratio between 1:3 & 3:1, with a relation pixel 1:1)
  • Length: maximum of 140 seconds
  • Limit of size of file: 15megabyte
Unlike Facebook, Twitter will reject of first entrance any file with incorrect pictures per second. Make sure to have it well from the home.
Social networks for companies - Instagram
  • Favourite format: MP4 (with H.264 Codec Codec & audio AAC, 3.500 kbps video deals)
  • Pictures per second: 30fps or less
  • Dimensions principles: 1080px of width
  • Length: maximum of 60 seconds
  • Limit of size of file: 15megabyte

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