The technology used in FIFA Russia World Cup annuls goal of Neymar

The system of cameras and alerts wireless well-known since BAR made annul to a penitentiary by the famous player of Brazil Neymar in the party disputed between Brazil and Costa Rica in San Petersurgo, Russia during World Cup 2018 of the FIFA.

The technology counts on cameras in multiple positions, a sensor within the soccer ball and a clock that the referee uses who vibrates to alert it if a ball does not enter the frame. 

World-wide technology of soccer
How work does the implementation of BAR in the game?
Hublot clock that uses the referees during world-wide of soccer in Russia with technology the BAR. The clock vibrates to alert to the referee.

This world-wide one is first in allowing the use of this technology. Here there is a complete explanation of how the technology of the FIFA works BAR.