Aesthetic artificial: beautiful and the ugly thing

Importance of the aesthetic one in its website


To describe something as beautiful or as ugly is something extremely complex. Nevertheless, certain characteristics exist that cause that our brain, at first sight, describes it as so. It is important that our webpage is described as beautiful, clearly, since it enters more €œbeautiful€ is something by more time we are going to want to contemplate it and/or to admire it. And our aim is that they observe by time our webpage enough. In the case of a webpage, unlike an art work, it does not only depend on the aesthetic one of the page but of the content, which must be understood fast and to be interesting. We will speak aside of the content of the webpages in a publication.

2 types of message exist: the abstract message and the figurative message.

The abstract message we can use it for images in our webpages. Nevertheless, the concept of €œabstract€ that we have is the erroneous one.

For example, the following image is abstract. She is abstract because they are geometric figures, are not eyes, neither nose nor mouth. Nevertheless, our brain quickly identifies it as caritas.

We have understood that: €œbut it has face don't mention it is abstract€. But this is not thus. Since totally abstract elements are associated with figurative elements, and exist abstraction scales, because our brain always looks for to associate the images with well-known things. This phenomenon of association is known as the paradigm of the collector. We imagine to the neolithic man or we go still more back to the paleolithic one.

This character is walking in a forest looking for fruits that to eat, something sees suddenly which could be a jaguar, that can devour it or a shrub with this form. The brain of this man which orders that it does is to flee. Since it is in a danger that can be decisive in its life, and is no time to approach to review if yes it is a jaguar or if it is a shrub. Reason why we can understand that the paradigm is a defence mechanism, with which we counted nowadays.

By this phenomenon we have kept in a part from the brain associative libraries, with which already we are born and we are creating more and more.

The associative libraries are increasing and are different in different parts from the world. For example nowadays, this is almost a world-wide phenomenon, any person has panic to him to the rats and the mice. But, why as much panic towards a so defenseless and small animal? If we give back a little in the time, this animal was the culprit of million deaths in Asia and Europe, by the black plague. Although we were not then have it in our associative libraries, and associated to the rats with danger, reason why very many panic is had to them. Therefore, Mickey Mouse was everything a risk. To create the main character of an advertising campaign, with one of the animal that more fear and disgust are had to him, is very many value.

Returning to the subject of the abstraction, when we managed to associate an abstract figure (as with the geometric figures that forms caritas) of fast form, we have as result a normality sensation, a danger absence and that we can enjoy calm the perception. Unlike this assertive message, we have images as the following one:

When it does not exist a message or there is incapacity to find one, the object that we are seeing loses interest and is declared from the universal point of view as ugly.

If the abstract object is easy to relate to something of our associative library (speaking of art works it does not matter if and so we associated it is dangerous or no, if it is easy to associate is beautiful), is beautiful, if we cannot associate the image with something in our associative libraries is ugly immediately.

The other type of message that exists is the figurative message. This type of message has characteristics as the fidelity with the reality. He classifies himself as ugly or beautiful according to the fidelity with the reality, and one sees as the technique is used. This with respect to works or images.

The lady of the ermine of Leonardo da Vinci

She happens that when the association or the analysis is for cultural or regional reasons, she is not found as beautiful human beings of other places.

Certain factors exist that cause that the things are perceived as beautiful universally, since are phenomena found in the nature. The phenomena are the following:

When the elements have order, structure and expressivity we found it beautiful, as Torre Eiffel.  In addition, with the Eiffel tower another element enters game, that is its extraordinary size. For that reason, to be in the presence of this causes fear to us and we found it as which it must be beautiful and we must want so that it does not do damage to us.

Torre Eiffel

The growth is found as beautiful. As for example the structure of the Opera of S­dney.

The rate is extremely nice for the human perception.

Opera of S­dney

The rate is extremely nice for the human perception. As one appears in the work of the Classic Greece of the Parten³n, the rate in its columns.

Parten³n in Greece

The cylindrical rate. As that it presents the Roman Coliseum.

Romano coliseum

The orthogonal order, that is to say that forms a right angle.

Mies van der Rohe

The continuity.

Wassily chair

The symmetry as one appears in the Campidoglio floor of Rome.

Campidoglio floor of Rome

Orthogonality can be observed in the following image of a machine of Mario Bellini.

Machine of Mario Bellini

Radial symmetrical repetition: this characteristic is very present in the Islamic art. In this image also we can observe a rate.

Factors exist that cause that the association is efficient, and therefore to fulfill with the €œbeauty€ and the message. They are the following:

Coherence of the message: commitment of all the formal aspects of an object with the message that this wishes to communicate. For example, in the images that we have down, we can observe that all the set of dishes fulfills the same color (white), with the same form (to circulate) and are for a same use (to eat).

Formal factors: the color, the textures the material, the rate, the geometric forms.

A €œproblem€ also exists if a noise in the message can be called thus or that we want to communicate call: €œconceptual ambiguity€. The conceptual ambiguity is when it is wanted to communicate a thing but at the same time something totally different communicates. An example is the plastic flowers. The flower is something natural, totally smooth, perfumed and to change it by a material that is not nor similar to the natural one breaks with the message. 

Rapidity in the reading: if they are things that do not have sense the rapidity of the reading fall, and when this happens it is described as ugly by the noise in the message.

High and legible levels of ordering. This point is extremely important since in the disorder and if it is not possible to be read, the time of admiration of the work is almost null, because there is no interest in if it wants search a message. Nevertheless, since it makes M. Sc. Escher, can be broken with the sense paradigms to make designs of difficult understanding, but the order of its designs extremely is ordered and symmetrical reason why it catches the attention to continue with the reading.

Conceptually twist, that is to say if we want to put something twisted, to put really twisted it not by halves, because it can seem an error.


If we took into account all these factors at the time of designing any thing, including our webpage, we will obtain that the same is harmonic and €œbeautiful€.

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