How to choose the colors indicated for a webpage?

The importance of the color


To choose the colors that one is going to use or for a webpage or a logo, is not something simple. Especially if we do not have much knowledge about the color theory. It is normal to doubt about this subject, since it is extremely important, and if we are not designers we must not why have this knowledge.

To always choose the range of colors that we are going to use for our website is dangerous, since it is possible to be seen amazing or, in the worse one of the cases, horrible. When initiating our webpage we can decide not to use no color. If we chose a design without no color, we took the risk from which our webpage is boring and it does not draw attention. 

On the contrary we can choose a polychromatic design that, if we do not have the suitable knowledge, perhaps the webpage is seen extremely informal by the color saturation. Or that is bad because simply the colors do not form a harmony.

Steps to choose the colors of our website

To follow the following steps can help us to choose the ideal colors for our website:

  • It is necessary to choose a dominant color for the webpage. Normally we chose the dominant color of our logo.
  • To the chosen salary the dominant color we are going to choose complementary colors to the main one. This is going to guarantee harmony to him. 
  • It is important to choose a basic color. The basic color does not have to be a very showy nor saturated color, since these make difficult the reading. The general tendency is to choose the white color or the basic black, so that nonshock with the designs nor the photos of the site.
  • To use a landlord of color in the website. That is to say, not to choose of random form what color to put to what elements. The color landlord helps to that the webpage perceives as ordinate and harmonica, which likes the user.
  • When we chose the dominant color of our logo and webpage we must be conscious that each color transmits something. And we must have an assertive communication. That is to say, that the colors that we choose go in agreement with our product and so we want to communicate the client.  The cromatolog­a is the science that is in charge to study as each color is understood.

Meaning of the colors


The red color is the color of the fire and the blood, reason why we associated it with the danger. Animal often extremely poisonous they are of this color, since it alerts danger. Nevertheless, this color also has a positive connotation, which is: the energy, the strength, the love, and the determination.

The red color is a very intense color reason why he is extremely showy. By this quality of visibility it is used for important warnings and prohibitions.

When we placed a text or an image with this color brings it to first plane, since it stands out on the other colors. It is recommended to urge the people to make fast decisions during his visit in a website, as for example in an action button (CTA).

In publicity the red one is used to bring about erotic feelings.

Symbols as lips, nails, shoes, dresses, etc.

As so it is related to the energy is recommended to use in announcements of cars, motorcycles, drinks energetics, games, sports, among others.

Pink: it symbolizes romance, love and friendship. It represents passivity.

Red clearly: it symbolizes joy, sensuality, passion, love and sensitivity.

Red dark: it evokes energy, vigor, fury, force of will, rage, wrath, maliciousness and value.

Reddish coffee: it is associated with the autumn and the lost one.


The yellow symbolizes the light of the sun. It represents the happiness, intelligence and the energy. To the being a warm color gives the heat sensation, which brings about joy, stimulates the mental activity and generates muscular energy. Very it is related to the food, as for example McDonald's.

The yellow, as primary color, calls much the attention. For that reason in some countries the taxis are of that color.

With the yellow color it is necessary to be careful, since in excess it can be annoying and/or exasperating.

The color that more emphasizes on black bottom is the yellow, reason why if it is wanted to draw attention, this duo of colors can be used. 

For example, in a website the yellow can be used to emphasize aspects of which we want to draw attention.

In publicity it is used to bring about nice sensations. It is used in products for children and of leisure.

It is not recommended to use this color to promote products of much value, since it is related to the little formal thing. It is not recommended either to promote security or stability, since it is spontaneous a very variable color and.

Pale yellow: It is related to the death or further on. Also it represents precaution, deterioration, disease, envy and jealousy.

Clear yellow: It is symbolized with intelligence, originality and joy.


The orange is the union of the yellow with the red one, reason why it combines the happiness of the yellow with the energy of the red one. The color orange has a high visibility, reason why it is recommended to catch the attention of the visitor to his webpage.

The color orange, like the yellow and the red one, is a warm color, nevertheless does not present the aggressive qualities of the red one.

The orange produces the sensation of greater contribution of oxygen to the brain, reason why there is more cerebral stimulation.

It is a color very recommended if the public goal is young people. Reason why it is recommended to use for sale of toys.

In addition, if the product is eaten, the orange is the ideal color since it is associated with the good feeding and it opens the appetite.

Dark orange: it refers to distrust.

Reddish orange: it evokes desire, passion, domain and aggressiveness.

Gilded: It produces prestige sensation. It means wisdom, discharge quality and wealth.


The target is associated with the light, kindness, innocence and the purity. It is considered as the color of the perfection. The white color transmits security, purity and cleaning, reason why in publicity they use it to transmit freshness and cleaning. If the product that we are going to sell is of cleaning or medicine, the target with the blue one is a good duo.

The white color also is used for publicity fine products of technology, to communicate elegance and simplicity. 

This color, as it means kindness and light, is recommended if we have a charity company.

Finally, the white color is associated with the loss of weight. For example, in many light product announcements the participants are dressed target, because she transmits health and freshness to us. Like many brands of low products in milky calories or, use it in their logos.

The white color is a good color to use at heart of our webpage, since any placed color superficially is going to stand out of nonstartling way.


The dwelled one is the combination of blue and the red one. It transmits the stability of blue and the energy of the red one.

The dwelled one symbolizes to be able, nobility, luxury and ambition. It is a outlandish color.

The dwelled one also is associated with the wisdom, the creativity and independence.

In the publicity the mulberry color is very assertive for products for children. This is because it is a color associated to the magic and the mystery. According to studies the mulberry color is the color preferred of 75% of the children before the adolescence.

Also it is a useful color for products directed to the women.

Dwelled clearly: it produces Romance nostalgia and.

Dwelled dark: it evokes melancholy and sadness.


The blue one is the color of the sky and of the sea, it is associated for this reason with the stability, the depth, tranquillity and calm.

The blue color represents loyalty, the confidence, the wisdom, intelligence, the faith and the truth.

In publicity, the blue color is very bound to cleaning products, or are of the personal home or. And also it is used for everything what it is related to:

  • The sky, as airlines or airports
  • The air, as aerial air conditionings or sports 
  • Aquatic the beach sea, cruises, hotels, vacation and sports
  • The water, as bottled waters, parks of diversions with water, swimming pools

Also it is a color extremely recommended to promote high tech products, since to the being a cold color is bound to intelligence.

If the product that we are selling is nutritional, the blue color is not the color for its logo or webpage. This is due to that the blue one is a suppresor of the food or the appetite. A kitchen or a restaurant never would have to be blue.

The blue color with some warm color as yellow, red or orange works very well together because they draw attention.

Blue clearly: it is associated with the health, the treatment, the understanding, the smoothness and the tranquillity.

Blue dark: it is associated with the knowledge, seriousness and the power.


The green one is the color of the nature. It represents harmony, growth, fertility and freshness.

The green one is associated with the security. Also it is an extremely relaxing color, being the color that relaxes more to the human eye. It even can help to improve the view.

In publicity the green one is used in medical products, products of gardening, green tourism, activities outdoors, ecological mountain hotels or products (all that with the recycling also is green).

Green dark: associated to the money, ideal to promote banks.

Green olive tree: related to La Paz.

Green water: it is associated with the protection and the emotional treatment.


The black color represents to be able, elegance, formality, authority, prestige, seriousness and strength. Also it has his negative connotations as: death, mystery and its association with the stranger.

In a webpage, the black color can represent a corporative image of elegance. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use it as bottom since it complicates the easy reading, and we would be failing as signallers. Many pages of companies of games and old pages used the black color as basic color.

It is recommended to use the basic black color when the webpage is of a museum, or photography, since the black contrasts with the other colors and it makes excel.

The black in combination with other more alive colors as the yellow, red orange or, produces a beautiful and elegant effect. Clearly it is possible to be observed in the logo of National Geographic.

Chromatic circle

Schemes of color

Schemes of colors in the design exist which can be used in the webpages or logos with the guarantee of which they are going away to see well. The color schemes are:

1. Monochrome 

It only uses a tone. The variations are of value and saturation. A same tone that adds target, gray or black to him.

2. Analogy 

It is when 3 tones are used that are neighboring in the chromatic circle (blue, dwelled blue, blue greenish). It creates harmony and tranquillity.

3. Triad 

One occurs placing an equilateral triangle in the chromatic circle and choosing the values of the ends.

4. T©trada 

Scheme of 4 colors, is obtained rotating squared or a rectangle within the chromatic circle. They are 2 pairs of complementary almost always.

5. Complementary

It is decided by a pair of complementary.

6. Warm tones

Only using warm tones, a minimum of 3.

7. Cold tones

Only using cold tones, a minimum of 3.

8. Positional balance

It looks for to create a visual rate with colors. They are distributed and they repeated some colors by all the composition to obtain an effect of balance and visual rate. 3 colors as minimum are used.

Need help choosing do the colors their logo or website?