Social networks

Which of the social networks is better for its company?

Social networks for companies

Commonly it is suggested to increase the presence of his brand, needs to be active in all the diverse platforms of social networks. Although that could be certain, if its company only has a coordinator of social networks can obtain it, since to find the time to maintain each platform it can get to take very many time.

The best platforms of social networks for its business

If its company is hardly home in the Web and needs to choose some social networks to dominate, here we presented a guide to him to choose best or the best platforms for its business, and as removing the maximum benefit from them.

The social networks have demonstrated to be one of the best tools than they exist for digital trade. From gratuitous accounts to phelp publicity, the social means are the perfect form to increase the visibility of their business and of gaining a loyal base of followers.

But with so many options available, often it is difficult to choose a high-priority area. After all, you have a small business, and probably she will not have the resources or the time to monitor six different accounts from social networks. Luckily, it can use only a few platforms and even so to obtain the optimal reach that can provide the social networks.

In this article we presented a summary to him of main the five social networks and at which markets they aim. With this in mind it will be able to decide as platforms will reach their hearing puts through digital trade and to focus their resources where they will really produce fruits.


The older social network of this list and still of massive use nowadays. Facebook is a long-range platform that has users anywhere in the world. The businesses can choose between a great variety of options, including professional pages, native publications with phelp promotion, and announcements. The reach of Facebook is so ample that some small businesses decide to have a page of Facebook and not to have a website. In Esliteratura we did not recommend this for many reasons (of seeing our page of Frequent Questions to read more on this), but the one that many small companies only choose to have a page of Facebook, is a testament of the power of the hearing of this gigantic social network.

If their clients are in some of these groups, Facebook is a necessity:

Adults majors (65+): the adults do not have much access to the social networks, but they have it, will have an account of Facebook where they will be able to see photos of relatives.

Foreign markets: unlike other social networks, Facebook is practically used anywhere in the world. He is very popular in the Middle East and Europe, and a little less common in Asia. In America very it is used.

Market niche: Facebook is the place where to find many groups where people congregate themselves they are unique interests. If he is owner of a business with market niche, Facebook can have a complete group of potential clients.

Statistics of use of Facebook

1. To the 31 of March of the 2018, Facebook had 2,2 trillions of active users.

2. 79% of the North Americans use Facebook. The second place has it Instagram with 32%.

3. More than 50 million businesses they use Pages of Facebook. If an optimized page needs help on Facebook mounting, or to optimize its present page, with taste we helped him.

4. More of 22% of the world-wide population it uses this social network.

5. 400 new users are united to Facebook per minute.

6. Facebook Messenger has more than 1,2 trillions of active users.

7. The users accede to their account of Facebook in average 8 times per day.

8. Every day, 35 million users update their state on Facebook.

Statistics of connectivity of Facebook

9. The usuary average of Facebook is separated of any other user in the network in 3.57 degrees of separation.

10. The usuary average has 155 friendly, but it only trusts four at moments of crisis.

11. The users of Facebook consider, in average, only to 28% of their friendships in the network as true friendly or near friendly.

12. 42% of the answers on watch to the client happen during the first 60 minutes.

13. Facebook is available in 101 languages, and more than 300 thousand users they have helped with the translation.

Statistics of trade on Facebook

14. Thursdays and Fridays, between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, are considered the best hours to publish on Facebook.

15. The publications of Pages of Facebook have an organic reach in average of the 2,6%

16. The Pages of Facebook with smaller amount of followers have, generally, major reaches.

17. Facebook is the more important social platform for mercad³logos.

18. The brands on Facebook publish in average 8 times to the day.

19. 57% of the consumers say that the social networks influenced their purchase, led by Facebook with a 44%.

20. The content generated by the users generates 6,9 times more commitment than the content generated by brands.

Statistics of publicity on Facebook

21. The rate of click (CTR) average in the announcements of Facebook in all the industries is of the 0,90%

22. The industry with the higher rate of click on Facebook is the legal one, in 1.61%. The industry with the lower rate of click is the one of hiring and training, in 0.47%.

23. The cost by click (CPC) average in the announcements of Facebook in all the industries is of $1.72.

24. The industry with the highest cost by click on Facebook is safe finances and, in $3.77. The industry with the cost by lower click is the one of the clothes, in $0.45.

25. 93% of the advertisers in social networks use the Announcements of Facebook. The platform that is secondly is Instagram in 24%.

26. 20% of the gains of announcements of Facebook in movable devices come from Instagram.

27. The most effective length for an announcement title on Facebook is of four words and 15 words for the description.

28. The images represent between the 75 and 90% of the performance of the Announcements of Facebook.

29. Facebook reported entrances by publicity in more than $9 trillions of dollars in the 2017, an increase of 47% with respect to the previous year.

30. 26% of the users on Facebook whom they gave click in the announcements shelp to have realised a purchase.

Demographic statistics of Facebook

31. 83% women and 75% men use Facebook.

32. 83% of the users of Facebook at world-wide level are smaller of 45 years.

33. 44% of the users of Facebook majors of 18 years are identified as women. 56% as men.

34. 39% of the users of Facebook are reported as married, and another 39% as unmarried.

35. 62% of the users of Facebook have some degree of university education, whereas 30% report that the baccalaureate is the higher level of obtained education.

36. 85% of the active users daily on Facebook almost are outside the United States and Canada.

37. Facebook is the social platform preferred by the buyers in supermarket, 89% uses it.

Statistics of video on Facebook

38. Facebook obtains more than 8 trillions of views of videos daily.

39. 85% of the users on Facebook see the videos with the dull sound.

40. The people have 1,5 more of probability daily of seeing a video in a movable device instead of a desktop computer.

41. 47% of the value of the announcements of video of Facebook happen in the first 3 seconds.

42. Milenials has 1,35 times more probability than the generations majors to focus when they see videos in movable devices.

43. 1 of each 5 videos on Facebook is transmissions live.

44. For the 2020, more of 75% of the traffic of movable Internet it will be video.

45. The videos have the rate of greater commitment, in spite of being only 3% of the content.

46. More of 85% of the videos on Facebook they are seen with the dull sound.


Secondly, after Facebook, Instagram has a significant digit of followers and has been in the market during several years. It is much more difficult to find adult majors in Instagram, whose main hearing is the young adolescents and. The amount of followers at international level of Instagram is similar to the one of Facebook. The particularitity of this social network is its dependency in the photos. To be successful in this platform, it must produce images and videos of high quality. This is very difficult for many small businesses, but to the aim it is worth the pain. Instagram also offers phelp options of publicity.

Instagram is essential for the following groups:

Millennials: by much, the greatest population of Instagram 25 years are the users less than. If that is its market puts, Instagram is obligatory.

Women: statistically, the women are much more active who the men in Instagram. If its product is unique for women, this platform is the perfect place to promote it.

Statistics of Instagram

The growth of Instagram is really surprising. Between the adolescents definitively it is moving including the giant of Facebook.

Many people have begun to migrate of platforms as Facebook or Twitter to Instagram. And the companies know it. There is an enormous potential in this social network.

1. The base of users of Instagram was duplicated in two years.

According to this article published by TechCrunch, Instagram only duplicated its base of users in two years. You know how long took in adding 100 million users more? Only 4 months.

According to LatamClick, these are the data of Instagram for Latin America:

  • In Latin America 60 million registered users exist already.
  • 28 million are men and 32 million are women. This confirms that it is a social network preferred by the women.
  • Mexico is the country with more users registered in Instagram of all the region with 16 million registered users. The second place has it Argentina with 11 million users.

2. 7 of each 10 hashtags in Instagram are created by brands

3. 80% of the users follow a business in Instagram

According to Instagram, 80% of the users follow a business in app at least, 60% of them listen to about a product or service through the platform. March of the 2017, more than 120 million users of Instagram they visited a website, they obtained directions, they called, they wrote or they sent an email to a business.

4. The entrances by announcements in mobile of Instagram reached $7 trillions of dollars in the 2018

The gains by announcements in Instagram arrive at these numbers according to Statista. That is an increase of almost $5 trillions of dollars in a matter of 2 years.

5. 25% of the announcements in Instagram are videos

Although the announcements of photos are most common in Instagram, the videos have taken terrain. In fact, 25% of the announcements in Instagram now are videos.

6. The publications with location have a 79% more of interactions

Instagram has continued expanding its functions of location. It does not have to be any surprise that the publications with location information have a 79% more of interactions and action that those that they do not have.


7. 70% of publications in Instagram never are seen

Between the social networks, Instagram is conceited of the rate of higher participation. Nevertheless, this network also suffers of saturation and overloads of content.

95 million photos daily in Instagram share more than, which means that it can be very difficult that their potential clients see their publications. Due to a new algorithm, 70% of publications of Instagram never are seen. The new algorithm focuses more in the rate of participation to choose what is what people see.

8. The users of Instagram participate more in weekdays

The Internet is full of studies that say to know to the best hours and days to publish in the different social networks. Often the data can be contradictory. The SproutSocial company decided to make a compilation of the statistics and studies and to organize them to obtain a general consensus of the best hours and days to publish in Instagram.


The data show that Tuesday enters and 9 Fridays of 6 a.m. to p.m. is the best moments to publish and to maximize the participation. Some other discoveries:

  • Thursday has the highest participation of the week
  • Sunday has the lowest participation
  • The recommended hours more are 3 Wednesdays to p.m., 5 Thursdays to a.m., 11 a.m., and from 3 to 4 p.m. Finally, 5 Fridays to a.m.

9. 65% of publications with better performance in Instagram have a product

Although it would not have to promote his products all along, the users of Instagram enjoy to see photos of his products. An investigation of L2 found that 65% of publications of brands with better performance in Instagram showed products. In fact, the product publications gain to the content of lifestyle (43%) and to the images or videos to him of influenciadores or celebrities (29%).

10. 59% of the people between 18 and 29 years use Instagram

To understand the demographic data of Instagram is important for its hearing puts and to create its message. Although the majors have been adopting this platform little by little, 59% of the users between 18 and 29 years use Instagram.


LinkedIn is the oriented platform more to businesses than it exists. It provides an excellent form to connect to businesses and professionals. It is a platform older than the content depends less than multimedia and more in the updates on text. Although it is an excellent place to make connections and to find employees, is not the best platform for trade on a large scale or campaigns of publicity. Nevertheless, it is perfect for small businesses the B2B and niches.

If its hearing puts is some of the following, then LinkedIn is its better option:

  • Businesses: if their services are of business to business (B2B), LinkedIn is a very good place to promote them. Unlike other social platforms, its main intention is the connection with the business, so that the companies are alert of other companies or services as his.
  • People of high profile: some SMEs have as hearing puts to executives or people of high profile. The use of LinkedIn sample that you are serious, professional and established, ready to work with the best ones.

Statistics of LinkedIn

  • Total number of users: 500 million
  • Total of active users monthly: 250 million
  • Total of users in the United States: 133 million
  • Percentage of users who use the platform daily: 40%
  • New users of LinkedIn per second: 2

Demographic data of LinkedIn

  • 70% of the users are outside the United States
  • There are 40 million students and just graduated as university
  • 57% of the users are men and 43% women
  • 13% of milenials only use LinkedIn
  • 44% of the users of LinkedIn win more than $75 thousand dollars to the year


This platform allows him to small and medium businesses to be at the same level of the great ones. It allows him to connect with a ampler hearing.

Twitter has more than 284 million user, and the platform makes its available the commercials with access to all that base of users.

More of 51% of his users they use this social network daily. In average, a user of this platform follows 21 accounts of SMEs, and 30% say to have seen publications of this type of companies.

After seeing a brand in this platform, 73% of the users say to feel major affinity and respect by the brand.

In addition, it is an excellent platform to discover new companies. 57% of the users are shortage a SME, 40% using the function €œto whom to follow€ that it provides this system. In addition, a 32% discovered to a SME by a publication or tuit promoted.

Once a user follows a SME in Twitter, there is a 50% more of probability than that person acquires a product or service.

There are two forms to share information by means of publicity in this platform. One is by means of objectives and action or click is pleased by. The other is constructing a campaign from zero and to pay by interaction.

The same company recommends to tuitear articles in which the company or the offered service is mentioned, to legitimize and to even give more reputation to the company.

Twitter can be an excellent tool to attract visitors its page, where they can read about his products or services. 47% of the users of Twitter visit the websites of their followers.

Statistics of users in Twitter

Statistics of trade of Twitter


We hope to have dice to him useful data to choose the platforms of social networks that need for their business. If still it has doubts or it needs consultant's office with respect to the best thing for his business, with taste we helped him.

It needs consultant's office to choose the social networks of his SME?