Good photos in website

The importance of having good photographies in its website

Importance of good photos in the website

To have good photographies in its webpage is equal of important that to have a complete content. They cannot go separately. It can be that the product that is offered is of very good interesting quality and, that the company is successful and the service that is offered is excellent, but that quality is not represented in the photographies that we showed in the website, the clients are not going to believe in the company and they are not going to trust the same to buy its product or to contract its service. A webpage with good photographies always is going to be more successful than one with exhibited photographies, of low quality (pixeladas), bad angles or without a good composition.

Bad photos
Example of website with bad photographies

The ideal photographies for a webpage are the photographies taken by a professional specifically for their company. Nevertheless, not always it is possible.

Good photos
Example of website with good photographies

Therefore, the best option when the services of a professional cannot be contracted, is to resort to photographies of banks of images (photographies stock) that go in agreement with their company. Two types of banks of images exist: gratuitous and those of payment. One of the disadvantages of the banks of images is that often they have aesthetic extremely a similar one reason why, in the world in which we lived that it is surrounded by images, do not break with the schemes standard to draw our attention.

Some examples of sites of banks of images are: 

Photos of Stock
Example of website with photographies of bank of images

The customized photographies have great advantages: the photographies of the website are going to be unique and the client can choose how the professional is going to work with the light (illumination in photography) to define how side his product or company of virtual form.

To show to its own product or image of the company is of the majors advantages since it is being what it is sold. The photographies taken by a professional will help the clients to trust the company since will be faithfully the product, their quality and details. Also the customized photographies will have very good quality and could not only be used in the webpage but also for publicity, banners, pamphlets, forms, among others. To the being unique photographies they will much more draw attention of the visitor breaking with aesthetic of the photographies the stock, of which we see hundreds in the social networks and websites.

One of the questions that can arise when choosing the option of customized photographies is: 

How to choose to the ideal photographer for our company? 

In order to choose the ideal photographer and to be satisfied with the work that has done, the best thing is to request the portfolio of the photographer to have an idea of the type of work that has obtained. For example, if our page is of a NGO the best thing would be to contract a photographer information retrieval officer not to one fashionable one or of product. As any professional, the photographers specialize in a specific area

Photos taken by professionals
Example of website with customized photographies by professionals

Another option to which we can resort, if we do not have the budget to contract the services of a professional because it is a company that is in growth or a micro businessman, is to take our own photographies.  With this option we must have very many well-taken care of since we must remember that those photographies are those that are going to represent what there is its company and one of the factors that are going to cause that the client decides if us contract or buys our product or no.  The photographies can even be taken with the cellular one if the camera has good quality of image. Some tricks to take the photographies we ourself are:

  • To choose with which type of light we want to work, natural or artificial. For product photographies of natural origin always he is better to use natural light to be faithful with the product. Products as jewels also often can be photographed with natural light but behave better under the treatment with artificial light.
  • To choose the space in which they are going away to take the photographies. Following the product, they even can be under a smooth bottom or in a space with flowers. But independent of which space we decide to work we must take care of much the details. For example, if we are going to work on a white bottom, we must make sure that he is not dirty. Or if we are going to work in the outside, we must pay attention that they do not leave inner doors or dirt, or any element that would not have to appear in the photo.
  • To assure to us that our product is clean. Or they are jewels, soaps, or a space, we must make sure that the product is most photogenic possible. When deciding the first 2 options and having ready our product which follows are to take the photography. When taking the photography we must take into account the frame and the composition from the photography. To fix us to the details is extremely important.
  • Edition. After taking the photo it is probable that we want to do certain adjustments to him, the adjustments yes are worth but they must be subtle.  It is necessary to have much taken care of in not exaggerating with the adjustments or the filters (that would not have to be used) that we wish to apply to our photographies because with these editions the photographies can stop being taken seriously. Some in line gratuitous edition tools are:

In addition, they also exist good apps for its telephone where it can publish the photographies:

Whatever option that is decided to choose, we must be conscious that they are quality images and that they represent our company, product or service. If one does not imagine in the photographies which we sell we could lose clients, by our image in the Web.

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