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Which are the best suppliers of Internet in Costa Rica?

Internet in Costa Rica

Speed of connection

The gigantic company of the entertainment, leader of streaming at world-wide level, Netflix, provides an index with speed of supplier of Internet around the world, measuring the data that pass through their servers and not of other services or transmission of another data type.

Down it can observe a picture where they are possible to be seen the main suppliers of Internet with a speed ranking average: 

Index of suppliers of Internet in Costa Rica by NetFlix
Picture of positioning of suppliers of Internet according to Netflix company to March of the 2018

There are other companies that also index and tabulan the data that travel by Internet, and have indices and tables of positioning where average of Internet in Costa Rica with the one of other countries can be compared the speed, and to see how we are compared with great powers and similar countries of the area.

One of those companies, the giant also SpeedTest, has a Global Index of Speed where a complete table of positioning can be seen:

Global index of SpeedTest of speed of Internet - Costa Rica
Index of Block-to-block speed of SpeedTest company

In this SpeedTest index (left column) separates the speed average in mobile and the speed average in connection fixes (Column right). Costa Rica, to April of the 2018, is in position 102 and 114 respectively.

The following one is a nonexhaustive list of tools to measure the speed of its connection of Internet. We invited it to prove them and to verify if the speed that is offering him its supplier of Internet is the one that is receiving. It remembers mainly that there are many aspects by which this speed trials can throw nonexact results, if in his office or house has many devices connected to the same network of Internet.

Also some suppliers of Internet provide their own tools:

Suppliers of Internet (ISPs)

Several companies exist that offer the service of Internet in Costa Rica. It depends at home on his needs in the company or office, thus also will be the cost that is going to pay by the service.

Next we at home presented a list of suppliers of Internet in Costa Rica for homes and offices. This list does not try to be exhaustive:

If its business needs faster and stable connections, it will also be able to find several suppliers in the market that offer the service of corporative enterprise Internet or Internet. Next a list of some suppliers:

Although with this article we do not try to say what of these is the supplier that offers the best service, if not simply to give a centralized list him of suppliers.

We recommended to him to investigate, to compare prices and services, and also to ask colleagues and other businessmen who definitively will be able to give a valuable feedback him at the time of choosing their new supplier on watch of Internet.

It remembers, a fast Internet and stable it will increase its productivity. Every second counts.

Need does help choosing the supplier Internet for its company?